Friday, April 24, 2009

More about the duet with The Feeling

During an interview with Dan, recently...

What's the latest on Sophie Ellis Bextor's guest vocals on the new album?
Well, I changed the key, so we've got to re-record the whole thing and she's obviously been very busy with Kit. So we had the vocal, but now it's not in the right key. She did a lovely job, though.

That'll be the first guest vocal on a Feeling song.
It will, yeah. It's very exciting. We didn't do it for the sake of it, it just happened naturally. I'd demoed a song and sent it to Richard, who played it in his house. Sophie heard it and loved it, so she ended up singing on it.

Have you met little Kit?
Yes, he's amazing. Still very, very wee, but he's doing well.

Previously, during an interview with Paul...

Final question is from Andisha, aka Miss Pathos on the forum. She'd like to know if it's true that The Feeling and Sophie Ellis Bextor are collaborating on a song.
Yeah, but it's very early stages. There was a song we'd been working on for a little while and the nature, lyrics and mood of the part seemed to suit a girl's voice, so it seemed obvious to let Sophie sing it and see how it sounds. And it sounds pretty good! She just popped into the room we use above Sophie and Richard's bedroom in their house to record it. It was all very relaxed; she might end up on more songs or no songs, nothing's really decided at this point. In fact, there's still time for me to unleash my vocal performance on something.

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