Saturday, April 18, 2009

Heartbreak (the new mix)

The radio rip of the song.. here are my comments
1. Its pretty good, but i still say it sucked the emotion out of the song completely
2. They haven't got rid of the "keep it coming on and on and on" part entirely, its there after the 2nd verse, thankfully!!
3. The middle eight is a bit meh, but i'm sure it would be better on the full length mix
4. Its very "Ring The Alarm" meets "Green Light" meets "Deja Vu", in short, its very Freemasons!!


Anonymous said...

Finally, we got to hear a part of the famous remix. However, it's only a part of it, the original version is really better. However, the violin part in this remix is very good, that's the only part I like about it hehe

Anonymous said...

Hey again
I dont think it's the full club version. I think it's the remix they did for radios, cos I checked the clip on popjustic and the violin part gets played for like 40 seconds whereas in this version that leaked now, it's only 15 seconds, so there's definitely smthg unclear :)))

musicfreakkaushik said...

This is the radio premiere of the song... its the radio edit



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