Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The Freemasons/Sophie video update (Part one)

I figured i'm going to keep getting updates about the video, so i made this "Part One"!!

Anyway, Sophie said this on her twitter:
  • 6:31 AM Apr 18th from web
    the video shoot is nearly here. dance rehearsal on monday. i get to wear a great outfit with gorgeous high heels. yay! it's a hard life... x

  • 8:18 AM Apr 20th from web
    finished dance rehearsal. vertiginous heels make for sore thighs. worth it, though. video tmw. single was premiered on radio one on friday. x

  • about 22 hours ago from web
    off out at stupidly-early-o'clock to make a video. will be tiring but fun. hope i remember the steps...! x

  • about 3 hours ago from web
    finished my 16th video today, it's going to look bloody lovely if i do say so myself. great team and tiring but fun day. sleep here i come!
This means Sophie is doing a dance routine. Now if its like the dance routine on MOTD, IWCY or the hand dancing on MAMI, then i'm not going to get myself really excited about the video. I hope she's got some real moves this time. I've been seeing Sophie playing live on stage (on youtube) and i've seen her improve in her presentation. She's always dancing around, and i think she can dance. So she should really shock everyone by dancing this time. Ooh and she has got to show off her long fine legs in the video. I remember talking to my friends about her and they said that she's got amazing legs!

Anywho, its her 16th video!! Her videos get better and better everytime, and i for one am looking forward to an amazing video. Can't wait to watch it...

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