Thursday, April 9, 2009

DETAILS: Freemasons & Sophie: Heartbreak Make Me A Dancer

Before you read this, you have to strap yourself onto your seat, because this is going to get you jumping around with joy.

The new radio mix is really beefed up, you can tell from the very first few seconds of the intro, comparing it to the demo that was posted on Sophie's Myspace last year.

There's more synths making it sound a lot 'fuller' and atmospheric, bass is more prominent, more harmonies, and the breakdown with the buildup to the last chorus is EPIC (albeit not as epic as in the club mix). They've also cut out the "keeeeeep it coming on and on and on" pre-chorus bits in the verses, it now jumps straight into the chorus and it sounds great. It's officially very amazing.

Honestly, i think the song would have done well on the charts, even if it were left the "demo" way it was. I can make my peace with the sprucing up of the song, but cutting out the bridge before the chorus is a bit idiotic don't you think!?!? Its going to be something like Beyonce's Dejavu mix by them, where they've cut out parts of the song and it sounds so bloody wrong!! Even if they're cutting out the bridge from the song, they'd better use it during the middle 8

Sophie Ellis-Bextor will feature in the video, and the single will be billed as "Freemasons feat. Sophie Ellis-Bextor", but there still are chances that the single will end up on Sophie's 4th album tracklist as well. There's isn't any confirmed tracklist for the single, but the Freemasons have their own 9 minute club mix which will obviously make it onto the CD, then there's the BitRocka Mix which they'd better put on the CD, the Snippet sounds so good, and of course, the original "demo" cos that's what started it all...

UK Release date: June 15th 2009
Europe Release date: June 23th 2009
Video Premiere: May 6th 2009
Song Premiere: March 7th 2009
Now, don't get all worried and impatient and blame Sophie for the late release. It's got nothing to do with her management or her. Freemasons are probably waiting for a good time to release it, and those dates might be the ones.


Anonymous said...

I just dont know what they're really thinking. I mean, all new music are leaking before their actual release date and that's affecting the sales. Is this what they want to do? I mean JUNE???? :`( Sniff (Eden)

TheWV said...

well. a release date is better than nothing!

Renzo said...

Kau, it wants to say that already you have listened the new version, can you share it please?


musicfreakkaushik said...

Lol, no Renzo, i haven't heard it yet, but someone posted about the new version of PJ and i just copied it off those boards

Raberd said...

Can't hardly wait!!!



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