Sunday, November 30, 2008

SPLIT SECOND LIFE (confirmed title for 4th album)

Inside sources just confirmed that the wikipedia rumoured title "Split second love" is actually "Split second life". The album "WILL" come out in the end of 2009, which is a relief to me!! I'm so happy she decided to do it in 2009 itself.

Also, here's a shocker. CARNIVAL is the name of a song recorded by Sophie. If you thought P!nk and Britney were the only two circus freaks, you were wrong!! I wonder what this would sound like, considering the fact that Sophie may be a little too posh sounding for a title like that, i don't know... i do hope this song makes it onto the final cut!

There's a petition going on on the official forum to release a 5-track EP. Click here to sign the petition. Who knows, we might get one!!

So here's a list of tracks confirmed (till now). I'm going to keep mentioning the tracks that we have everytime a new title surfaces, so we'll have an idea of what the tracklist might be...
1. Sophia Loren (which sadly won't be a single)
2. I Still Believe In Magic (the Richard X song)
3. Heartbreak Make Me A Dancer (the Freemasons song)
4. Off & On (the Calvin Harris song, Roisin Murphy reject)
5. Calling It Love (the other Calvin Harris song)
6. Still Mixed Up
7. Music Took My Man
8. Carnival

And guess what!? Sophia Loren is produced by Christopher Rojas, who made "Fingers" for P!nk. WOW!! Can't wait for this song to come out. Denis/Ellis-Bextor are the credits for the lyrics (Yay!! Cathy dennis and Sophie writing a song, its got to be pop brilliance!) and mixed by Jeremy Wheatley (he's always done this)... really looking forward to this song!!


Andrew said...

I am not to sure about that title? It just does not seem very Sophie-ish. By the way wasn't there a track called In the name of Lust or something lol?! It kind of sucks though that we are going to have to wait until next year, but i have no doubt it will be worth the wait.

musicfreakkaushik said...

In The Name Of Lust... thats an older title. I remember reading it a long time ago.. its not new!

Andrew said...

I thought it was from this upcoming album because i thought i remembered reading it as a possible title with I Still Believe in Magic? Ohh my bad, i am kind of losing it lol i want some new Sophie material bad.

musicfreakkaushik said...

We all do!! Lol.. I hope she gives out a few TTLF rejects for free download on her official site

Anonymous said...

Wikipedia say this

Sophia Loren - Off And On - Music Took My Man - Calling It Love - Still Mixed Up - I Still Believe In Magic - Heartbreak Make Me A Dancer - In The Name Of Lust - Moving Cities - Big Time Sensuality - Tempting Fate

nothing after Heartbreak Make Me A Dancer sound like Sophie song titles. It is true?

Navdeeo said...

Thanks for the info, love the blog.



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