Friday, November 7, 2008

idea for Sophia Lauren music video

Sophie is pregnant, and the bump is already noticeable. So filming a sexy video is out of the question. I think what she should do is concentrate on how good her face looks on screen. Tons of make up, lot of hairstyles, and lot of gown type dresses which hide the bump. Something like the Take Me Home video, only with a whole lot of Sophia Lauren style...

Here's a collage of most of Sophia Lauren's hairstyles, i think Sophie should do this.

Also the music video would be the perfect place for product placement for Rimmel and Monsoon. I think she should get the camera to focus on her highlights - eyes, lips, curves etc., and wearing make up... oh and even maybe a shower scene again!! I don't know if the video will have any sex appeal at all, compared to the recent videos that have been coming out (Rihanna, Britney and hell, even Hilary!)

I think Sophie must break her sophisticated look for this video, and do a bit of skin show... Afterall, its a song about comparing herself to Sophia Lauren... c'mon Sophie... the video should ooze sex appeal!


Mathew said...

Obviously Sophie becoming pregnant complicates any promotion of a pre-pregnancy single, but honestly part of the reason I like Sophie is because she doesn't feel the need to resort to showing skin (what I'd see as 'selling out') in order to sell records.

Don't get me wrong it would be great to see Sophie top the charts again like old times, but I would be much happier knowing she did it with some originality rather than by stooping to the level of lesser 'singer' such as Britney or Hilary. So she doesn't go #1 and triple platinum, I can live with that knowing that Sophie is still making music and videos that are somewhat original and true to her artistic vision.

Anway, I agree that the video will obviously have to be related to the style of Sophia Loren and I don't think that some sort of montage-y thing would be out of the question, if Sophie would rather her pregnancy be disguised for the video.

musicfreakkaushik said...

Lol!! I don't mean that she needs to sit naked all waxed and tanned on a bench or w/e. Sophie is a very classy celeb and i appreciate her for that too. As a true fan i wouldn't want her to stoop down from her level, but if thats what gets her to get the public eye, then i think she should go for it. And i'm sure Sophie is fine with some amount of skin show. Cos she's done it on several photoshoots - waaay back with that weird hair and make up, she was topless and she revealed her breasts. Then there was the lingerie shoot, then she was topless again on a sofa for the Monsoon "Create A Storm" campaign.. And for the "Hundreds And Thousands" photoshoot, she got in with her underwear and let the photographers edit that out. So i think she's fine the fact of a little skin show.

I'm still worried about the new single though! She needs to have some real good promotion for it. Cos everyone knows Sophie as a celebrity already, either as a singer, or as a model, or as a DJ, songwriter whatever be it, they all know her name. She needs to make the single huge now. Her public appearances at awards, shows etc., will give her brand image, but she needs a whole lot more to captivate her audience.



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