Wednesday, November 26, 2008

pushing the single back again??

There might be a slight chance of change in the release date, although i will have to confirm that with my sources as well.

An acquaintance of Sophie (under the screen name St. Sinner) posted this on her official boards:
"I met Sophie on Thursday night and she told me that she will be waiting until after the baby to release anything... and to be honest, personally I think it's a better release strategy than releasing the first single in January and a 7 or 8 month gap between the second single and the album, plus it means she can take it easy until the baby is born.
I don't think you should give her a hard time about it guys, she works really hard and there aren't many artists out there who treat their fans as well as Sophie does... and aren't all good things worth waiting for?

Once again, i'm not sure what my reaction to this should be. I completely understand Sophie's decision to pay more attention to the pregnancy right now, but i'm not sure what this is doing to her public image.

There has been a small discussion about the release of a digital EP as well on the official boards, which i'm going to quote here, and comment about as well.

Dave said:
"That said - what Pork Smork and I (and others) have suggested - that she update her MySpace page with demos, outtakes, works-in-progress, limited run listens - would not harm her "marketability" in any way. In fact, much like Pork suggests (and I agree) would only help create interest and enhance it.
I mean - in many aspects - that's what MySpace was originally for. For bands and artists to test out their material with their true fans."

and wartford_boy's idea was:
"i was talking with a friend about how they should start bringing back ep cds with like 4 or 5 tracks on with stuff that would be on the album but there is no room for or stuff that just doesnt fit in with the rest of the album i think it would be a good idea for sophie to do that on myspace and release as a digital download on itunes and 7 digital
no need for personal promotion just website banners and as it would be a ep for unreleased promo/demo songs no video required she could always release love is the law again in a better quality as every version ive found has always been of lower sound quality than any of the other songs i have of hers and actually have heartbreak make me a dancer and off and on for legal download too with say 2 or 3 other non albumers.
one thing that has me wondering is if sophie will wait until after the baby to do a proper release what will the single be? because i feel sophia loren maybe a little outdated by then for the fact that she could have tied in the marketing with the rimmel ads and i doubt they'l still be running in 7 or 8 months.
it would be nice if the record company thought of doing a digital download ep for the fans just to tide them over until official releases come in because i can see some peoples frustration over the pushback but at the same time i really DO NOT believe sophie should put her life on hold jus to please us silly hardcore fans and lets face it all the grumblers are hardcore fans for the pure fact that normal sophie fans dont check here once a week goin when is she going to release something"

I remember sending Fascination an email (before Sophie's MySpace was updated with the new songs) about using the MySpace for promoting the new album by uploading teaser tracks etc., and they took it seriously. Of course, there were tons of other fans pressing for the same. Now again, the idea has been put forth...

Having waited for the album for this long, i think i can take 3-4 more months of wait, but whats the point if i'm going to wait for another cancelled single. Frankly speaking, the hype of the 4th album is already dying down. Sophie is building her public image well, but her career is still showing a downward trend. There was so much excitement about the GH coming out, which turned into frustration and excitement again when the 4th album was announced. Now all the hype and excitement has faded away, plus the Rimmel ads aren't really going to affect Sophie's sales in any way if she choses to bring the single out in Apr/May.

The best idea would be to bring out the single now, and see how the public responds to it, and then ad finishing touches to the album while teaser tracks are uploaded onto the MySpace keeping fans busy for 3 months and then she can come back with her 2nd single and promote the album. She doesn't really have to do a tour for one single.

Sophie should stick to the release date for Sophia Loren, bring out the video in december, and the physical release in Jan, sing the song live a few times. Her fans are going to buy the CD or download the track off iTunes whether its in December or January or April. So why not test the song on the fans first. The single will obviously feature a b-side which will allow fans to speculate about the new album..

As far as i know, Sophie is all set to record the video, and i think she should just go ahead and do it. She should promote that single, along with Heartbreak and Off & On whenever she gets an opportunity to perform live. That will keep her fans busy, while she can take 3 months off work. She can make her return with a second single and wait for a month to release the album. That should give her some more time to spend with the baby. With the album, she could release a third single. That will fetch high sales for all three singles plus the album. And after the album is out, she could have two more singles coming out at ease... And by the end of June she could do a tour...

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