Tuesday, December 2, 2008

We might have a Sophie release in Feb 09 afterall

Junior "Sleeping Satellite" Caldera is planning to release his collaboration with Sophie sometime in February. It will be the third single from his album "Debut".
Here's his older hit - Sleeping Satellite... i'm sure his song with Sophie is going to burn the dancefloor!!


Anonymous said...

Hurray. We will have a release afterall..

Minogue83 said...

Cool :D What a nice beginning of the new year :D. I hope that it would be played in clubs and that they make a videoclip of it :)

musicfreakkaushik said...

I know. The BUSFACE collab didn't do much for Sophie. Her fans got an extra song to add to their playlists, she didn't feature in the video, and she went under a stupid alias! I hope Junior's collaboration does something more for her. And i do hope she stars in the video, if not in reality, an animated Sophie, like Mark Ronson had an animated Lily in his Oh My God video..


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