Thursday, November 27, 2008

concrete news about the album and single

First of all, before i make any comments and before Sophie gets to read anything that might seem a little negative, i would want to say that i completely understand Sophie's decision to spend time with her baby. Good luck with the baby Sophie.

Anyway, Sophie stopped filming the video for Sophia Loren. Only a few shots were done before she decided that she wouldn't release the single now. In fact, Sophia Loren might not even be a single. By then the hype would have died down and it would be foolishness to release it as a single. Too bad! That was one hell of a song, and it would have been a smash hit!! There goes another good song down the drain. But the song will still make it onto the album. Thank god for that! It would be criminal to scrap it!! I do hope fascination decide to leak that song so fans could enjoy listening to it in HQ.

Sophie had a long discussion with her manager, and he understood her decision and asked her to concentrate on her baby for the time being. The first single might be some unknown song which might come out sometime around Sept 09! And the album is probably going to come out late 09 or early 2010!!!

Anyway, on the bright side, Sophie and her management may decide to leave a few demo recordings on her MySpace. Keep your eyes peeled for anything new on her MySpace.

In the meantime, might i interest you in a fresh Sophie song??? I did post about Sophie being featured on Junior Caldera's "Debut" (thats the title) album. A remix of the song leaked onto the internet!! Sophie sounds F-A-N-T-A-B-U-L-O-U-S!!! I love how her voice has matured so well. She can reach such high notes!! I think Sophie's 4th album has a whole lot of surprises, if they sound anything like Off & On, Heartbreak, Sophia Loren and Can't Fight This Feeling.. oh thats (probably) what the Junior Caldera song is called...

Here you go:

Junior Caldera ft. Sophie Ellis-Bextor - Can't Fight This Feeling (Mischa Daniels Remix)

Just can't fight this feeling
And its beating me, beating me, beating me
Down down down down down down down down down down down

And i just can't fight this feeling
We should be lovers. We should be lovers
No i just can't fight this feeling
We should be lovers. We should be lovers
No i just can't fight this feeling
My head is spinning. I think its winning
No i just can't fight this feeling
And its beating me down...

Why don't you, why don't you, why don't you come with me?
Why don't you, why don't you, why don't you come with me?

Pretty sure this is just a part of the song which is looped for the mix. The lyrics seem to be good. I hope the album version of the song has a bit more than this...


Minogue83 said...

What a cool track :D A really floorfiller in clubs :). I had put it om my MP3 player and played over and over again :P

musicfreakkaushik said...

It is a wonderful track. I can't wait for the original track to come out!! Its out in February!



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