Saturday, November 22, 2008

ahem!! more *inside* stuff... about the video

Okay!!! I feel like the paparazzi right now, but i'm glad i'm not horrendous like them!!

In my previous post, i said:
"Sophie is set to film her video for Sophia Lauren in 3-4 days according to a very reliable source. Apparantly, the video "may be" in Black & White colour scheme, which i think is perfect, considering the fact that she has to relate to Sophia Lauren... i hope she does a lot of different hairstyles in the video, not to mention showcase a bunch of dresses. The single cover is probably also going to be BW, with a retro touch... Sophie is very creative, i've always loved her single covers (more than her album covers) and i'm quite curious about what she's going to do next..
The single is going to be out sometime in Jan, so keep your fingers crossed for a good charting and go out and buy the CD or download from iTunes..."

Here's some more about the video.:
They're filming the entire video in a studio, no outdoor shots!! Take Me Home of 2008/09?? I'm quite excited if its going to be that... Sophie looked fabulous in TMH and i think she should do a whole lot of dresses and hairstyles (god i keep rambling about this...). And i think Sophie would go for the idea too, cos i specifically remember Sophie mentioning that she loved the idea of wearing many dresses in a video!! The video will premiere early December...


Cider said...

God we're being made to wait for so long! I love Sophie to death but this is just ridiculous. Proper promo please, Fascination!

musicfreakkaushik said...

Proper promo? I don't think Fascination will have the time. Girls Aloud and The Saturdays (both their artists) apart from Sophie are having a release in January. Its a cheap trick to make money, really. Get all their own artists battling it out on the charts, while they profit out of it. I'm sure they'll have tons of money pouring in after January. They should really plan to do extensive promotion for Sophie, afterall, she is their oldest artist!!

But more importantly, i think Wallace Productions should take more interest in Sophie and arrange for a tour. Its been years since she had a tour.



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