Friday, November 28, 2008

Comparative analysis

Has anyone noticed somethings similar between Trip The Light Fantastic and the 4th album...

Release being postponed:
TTLF - Yes
4th album - Are you kidding me!?

Reason for delayed release:
TTLF - Being a mother
4th album - Going to be a mother (again)

Tracks which leaked pre-album release:
TTLF - Amazing
4th album - Oh-my-god-they're-HOT!!!

Modelling contract prior to the album:
TTLF - Monsoon
4th album - Rimmel London

Cathy Dennis worked on a song:
TTLF - Catch You
4th album - Off & On

Amazing song released before the album:
TTLF - Dear Jimmy (wow!!!!)
4th album - Jolene (double wow!!)

Worked with a DJ:
TTLF - Busface
4th album - Junior Caldera (now, if he releases his collab with Sophie, it would be 100% similar)

Anyway, no real news! Sophie is yet to "officially" confirm about the release of her first single from the album and give us more details about whats happening.

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