Sunday, November 2, 2008

Making of the Rimmel Ads

Making of the lipstick advert:
Plot: Sophie and some friends in a car, they're gonna have a bunch of presents with them, balloons, ready for a party. But they're stuck in a traffic jam. So they get out of the car, ditch the cab. They walk, looking all beautiful in their party dresses and high heels, tottering around. they're going to the house, it starts to rain. Its all about the lips, it keeps your lips sealed shut with moisture and colour
Tag: "For rich vibrant colour, new Moisture Renew Lipstick, from Rimmel London"
Punch: "Live The London Look"
Soundtrack: "I Don't Believe" by Rox

Making of the mascara advert:
Plot: Sophie sees a bright looking dress in a boutique, so she jumps off a red bus and walks in to the boutique. She's going to shop, find lots of different dresses that highlight her curves, but then realises that all the sexy curves she needs are in her eyelashes and she walks out
Tag: "The only curves to wear, new Sexy Curves Mascara, from Rimmel London"
Punch: "Live The London Look"
Soundtrack: "Sophia Lauren" by Sophie Ellis-Bextor

My Comments:
The Rimmel promotion/advertising team are brilliant. The production team for both ads are simply brilliant. I think they have come up with really good concepts for both ads and selected songs that fit perfectly onto them. Rimmel were nice enough to upload the making of both adverts on their MySpace account. Sophie signed on for three adverts, i hope they decide to keep her for some more. Sophie is a fresh face, and is a glam icon, and being the brand ambassador for Rimmel will benefit them, cos she will help them to tap a larger audience. Her fans are so loyal that they would go and buy the product, even if they don't use it. That would mean more sales for Rimmel. And for Sophie, of course, any exposure is good exposure. She's been getting some really good offers. Monsoon signed her to be the face of their product a year ago. That went on well. Then she was featured in a musical, to hype it up. Then Rimmel picked her up. I'm glad she's getting all the attention she deserves. I hope that her new album comes out soon, and she uses bits of the Rimmel adverts in her own music video, or at least, do the same kinda thing..wearing lipstick, makeup etc.,

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