Monday, November 17, 2008

Interview with Sophie at Nokia Trends Lab - Lithuania

Transcript thanks to a dear friend (Paul)

In recent interviews you have mentioned that the only thing that you know about Lithuania before coming here was a strange meal called cepelinus?

You already tried it?
I haven't tried cepelinus but I've had lots of other things, umm... We've been having some really nice meals here, but you're right, I haven't had cepelini. What are they, are they sweet or savoury?

You are here in Vilnius since yesterday evening

So what have you already seen?
Umm, well... Yesterday we thought when we arrived it was already quite late because we didn't land until about nine or ten o'clock at night. So we had our supper and then I went to bed. But some of the other people I'm with went into the centre and went to a student bar. I had a bit of a good night; because I have to sing tonight I have to be good. To day we went for a walk to the Castle and the Cathedral and had a look round. Very beautiful and very well-kept, like recently cleaned, a lot cleaner than London. And everything really sweet. And I bought some things from some of the stores.

You've mentioned that you're going to perform most of great hits here in this concert. Is a certain song that you like the most, you prefer singing always, like, I don't know, Murder On The Dance Floor? Which one of them?
Oh what, from the singles? Well I guess Murder On The Dance Floor's always fun to do because the crowd know it and it's always a really special moment. We usually put it towards the end of the gig so it's kind of the finale really. But I don't know, when I'm doing the live concert all the songs have something in it that I enjoy really. I think you always have a tendency to like the most recent songs because they're a bit newer, a bit fresher so you're still experimenting with them.

Have you got any rituals before getting up on stage like saying a little prayer, or I don't know... drinking a glass of water, something that you do always before getting on stage?
I don't think so. I mean it's like the normal stuff of life, making sure I've loads of make-up on and that kind of thing [chuckles]. If I need to then I have some hot water with honey and lemon and ginger in it, but nothing exciting, I'm afraid.

You have toured with George Michael, Take That. Is there a certain group, a dream group or dream artist that you would like to tour together - dream tour mates?
I've been very spoilt and I've worked with lovely people. It would be quite nice to work with a woman because I've done a lot with male artists but it would be quite nice to maybe tour with someone like Madonna where you can really see how those productions get put together, and the team of people involved. Wouldn't that be quite an education!

Mandy has mentioned already and I want to ask something about your shoes as well - you have a lot of them...
I do

And I guess at a certain point one or two of your pairs of shoes should have a very fun story how they came into your life; like you found them ten years ago in your Granny's closet and you still wear them, or some such story?
I mean my Granny has different shoe size to me, so not there. But I guess a lot of them are shoes I've had for a long, long time. Some of my favourite shoes are ones I've worn to death, and my favourite shoe shop is this shop in Hamburg where the shoes are meant for girls who are pole dancers, and dancers, that are really hard-wearing. Some of then have been all round the world with me. I've got one pair that are all Gold and Glitter and they're a favourite. They've been on some good nights out, and they were the shoes I was wearing I got together with my husband, and you know... they're quite special.

You're not only a singer, but a song-writer as well. Maybe there was some kind of silly situation during which a song was born, I don't know... like giving birth to Sonny, and during that thinking up the song?
I don't know about that! Um, well, I'm trying to think.... I guess it's more just sometimes you can be having a silly conversation with someone and then something they say you think, "O that's a really good turn of phrase", and you kind of remember it as lyric. And I've definitely had some funny song-writing sessions, but in the ones that are really funny you don't always write the best music, to be honest! I think if you're spending a lot of time working with someone where you're not really gelling and you'll find it quite funny then it probably isn't a very good song... [ha-ha] Exactly!

You have posed for PETA with a dead fox without fur. Are your beliefs really that strong you don't have anything from leather or from fur?
No, I do wear leather, I do wear leather, I don't wear fur. I mean that's part of the reason why I wanted to do it is because I think some people feel that there's an excuse: "I eat meat and I wear leather so it's OK to wear fur". I don't think they're the same thing. Arguably humans need meat in their diet as it has health benefits. Leather is a by-product of the meat industry. But fur is something that's farmed purely for its fur and serves no other purpose than as clothing, and I just can't justify it.

So you use other fluffy things?
Yeah, just don't wear fluffy stuff [ha-ha]. But we have fantastic man-made fur these days, it doesn't need to be real to work.

I wanted to congratulate you because as far as I know you're going to be a mother
That's right, yes. Thank you.

Is there anything that you wouldn't do again whilst raising a child, now you're an experienced mother you know many more things than you knew before? An example - wouldn't give so many candies, or would buy bigger shoes or something?
Well by-and-large I think my little boy's a very happy, content little boy, so there's nothing fundamental I'd change. I guess one of the biggest lessons you learn as a parent is, my job is as his mother to be the person who makes him safe and happy overall. But sometimes you make decisions that he really doesn't like in the short term. So I guess trying to be more relaxed about not needing to be liked all the time. It's more important to be a good mother in the bigger picture rather than to just say "yes" to things because it's the easiest answer. But you know, I don't know if I'll definitely be able to live by that, it's just something I'm aware of. But if your little boy's asking for something its really hard to refuse.

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