Tuesday, February 23, 2010

More about the album

"Your love's bittersweet bittersweet oh-uh-ooh"
Seems like we're going to get an amazing hook for the song! kmitalian from PopJustice generously donated a recording of the Freemasons mix of Bittersweet. (You will find the youtube link in my previous post)

And a couple of hours ago, Digital Spy posted an inerview with Sophie on their website:
Thank you DS for asking the right questions, something that the official website should have done. Anyway.

Highlights of the interview:
1. The video will be shot next week, in London with Chris Sweeny is the producer again. Sophie has the concept of the video, but she won't disclose anything right away.
2. Sophie's quote on Bittersweet - "It's another song I did with the Freemasons. It's very pop-dance. I think the chorus sounds a little bit like it's from a musical - it's quite sort of dramatic and melodic, and a bit meandering in a good way."
3. The strategy might be 2 singles and the album sometime in Autumn. The album is called Make A Scene - being comfortable with your own skin. There may be 12 tracks, sequencing yet to be done.
4. Confirmed producers so far - Metronomy, Armin Van Buuren, Sneaker Pimps, Richard X, Calvin Harris and Freemasons confirmed till now.

Richard X - Starlight (or Magic, but that was recorded during the GH sessions, so i doubt it)
Metronomy - Scene
Freemasons - Bittersweet and Heartbreak (Make Me A Dancer)
Calvin Harris - Off & On (I'm not too sure if Calling It Love will be on the album)
Sneaker Pimps - Dial My Number (it has to be this, the Stalker song)
Armin Van Buuren - Not Giving Up On Love

So.. that is, roughly, 7 songs

I know Dimitri is going to be on the album. (I hope its "Sleepwalking". That title is just awesome!). I also hope Jim Elliott's track makes it (Whispers On The Street).


Anonymous said...

Nice title!
it made me think about fans reaction to pushing back the album till autumn, we should "make a scene" lol
really i dont see any logical reason to push the release till autumn!
too bad nothing said yet about the bloodshy and avant collaboration if it's real or just rumours!

Kim said...

i feel just the same as you do Kaushik. omgomgomgomgomg! I can't believe i'm actually listening to it. It's amazing...



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