Monday, February 8, 2010

New song title - Did I?

Thanks to Nunya B on PopJustice who did a bit of snooping around.

DID I (Jasmine Barid/James Bryan/Sophie Ellis-Bextor/Alexander James Wallace)


Anonymous said...

check this article
i dont know if the list of producers they listed is all true. Among them, there is bloodshy&avant!!!!! they're really really good, they're the guys behind Britney Spears' Toxic and the marvelous remix to it and their remix to Britney's Radar is really a masterpiece. To work with Sophie, I really cant wait to hear their song together!!!!

kaushik said...

Hehe, can i make a stupid confession. I actually wrote to Bloodshy & Avant on MySpace asking them if they could work with Sophie, more than 6 months ago. I even mentioned this on popjustice and someone thought it was a stupid idea. Thats when i realised that i did something stupid.

If that is true, then i'm really happy. If its a rumour, well there's nothing much that anyone can do about it. Lol..

Anonymous said...

mmmm I dont see in anyway why it is stupid, there are huge producers and behind many hits.So you did just good by writing to them!!!

Kim said...

You did? You're so wonderfully crazy Kaushik! I hope the news about Bloodshy Avant is true



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