Monday, February 22, 2010

3 things

1. Sophie came up with the album title.
"yay! i have finally named the album! poor little thing has been nameless up until now.."
Don't you just love how she treats her albums like her own children. Awww! My guess - she's probably going to tell us the title only after the first single. Which is fine, i like suspense. Just give us the single for now, Sophie, please!

2. Heartbreak was played at the BAFTA.
I found this on Movies Kick Ass Blog.
Since BAFTA has made a habit out of playing random songs to announce winners and presenters, as opposed to musical cues from their own films, my favorite were:
•Lady GaGa's "Just Dance" when "Fish Tank" won for Best British Film (isn't it odd that "An Education" lost this one and also Best Picture?) perhaps they were making reference to Katie Jarvis character's love of dance?
•Sophie Ellis-Bextor and Freemasons' "Heartbreak Make Me a Dancer" was used in the red carpet segment and had great stylish effects.
•When Carey Mulligan came out to present Best Foreign Language Film they played the awesome "Bulletproof" by Laroux!
•Clive Owen was introduced to the beat of Lily Allen's "The Fear".

3. Sophie at the Elle Style awards during the London Fashion week.

She looks like a Goddess, doesn't she?!
My god, who can tell she's 30!!
Electric blue, lime green and bright pink - those three colours on a normal person would make them look silly, but just look how she can brilliantly mix all three into one outfit - GENIUS!
*worships Sophie*
*then drools*


Anonymous said...

30 isn't old you know. It's actually quite young.

Anonymous said...

lol that's true! 30 isnt very old. But if you check her other pictures at the event, the wrinkles are clear on her face. on the other hand, what i really like about it is that she didnt go yet through plastic surgeries to fix them!
Where is the single!!!!!!!!!!

kaushik said...

Eden, an audio snippet of the song (live) is available.. enjoy!

Anonymous said...

thank you so much Kau!!!!!! you made my day

Fran said...

She looks fantastic!! :-)

Kim said...

you can see her wrinkles, but she looks fab!



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