Thursday, February 4, 2010

Lorenzo Agius Photoshoot (sophie looks so much like Madonna)

thanks for the heads-up, whoever it was...(leave your name so i can credit you for the info)

I was on PopJustice when i commented saying Sophie has put on some weight cos her face looked fat in the Beck's tee picture. But i take back my words. Her face is gorgeous as ever.

Love the blue campaign. Very electric.

Photos by Lorenzo Agius.

Call me crazy, but i think Sophie looks like Madonna in these pics.


Anonymous said...

hehe I dont think you're crazy at all. When I read that you think she looks like Madonna, I was like, Kau is right, she does indeed look like Madonna in the American Life Episode when her hair was black!! but Sophie's more gorgeous hehe

Fran said...

Yeah!! You're right Kau!! Specially, in photo #4, Sophie looks so Madonna!! :-)
Amazing photos!! ^^

kaushik said...

i always thought Sophie was more debbie harry like...but at some angles she had looked like Madonna in the past. This picture shows a striking resemblance. Madonna should meet Sophie

Andrew said...

I really dont see the Madonna thing, i guess it is because i have never found her attractive at all and Sophie is beyond beautiful. I wonder if this is the album shoot? I love the first picture!

kaushik said...

No its not. Its from last year, its an older photoshoot - Oct 2009

TheWV said...

She look awesome in blue!! XD



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