Saturday, February 27, 2010

Sophie MAY be shooting not one, but two videos!

Now, we're already aware that Sophie is going to shoot the video for Bittersweet in London. She might also have another video.....for Can't Fight This Feeling:

"My new single, Can't Fight This Feeling, feat. Sophie Ellis-Bextor is now available on iTunes with remixes by Avicii, Soulshakerz etc. The single will be released on March 29 in France! We should shoot the video with Sophie in middle March in Paris, we'll keep you updated... e later, we'll add some pictures on this page." said Junior on his Facebook.

*jumps around with excitement*....
Thanks for the heads-up Eden

EDIT - Sophie and Junior are in the French top 40, sitting at #37. I hope this does well in France. It could cement a foundation for Sophie's fourth album. Afterall, she used to be famous there (thats what i've heard)
#1 Tik Tok - Kesha
#3 Bad Romance - Gaga
#4 Rude Boy - Riri
#8 Memories - Guetta & Cudi
#20 Fight For This Love - C. Cole
#23 Rain - Mika
#26 Rock That Body - The Peas
#30 Sweet Dreams - Bey
#32 Fireflies - Owl City

#37 Can't Fight This Feeling - Junior and the Bex-monster


Fran said...

OMG OMG OMG OMG!!!!! "Can't Fight this Feeling" has shot straight into the French top 40, debuting at #37!!!! :D That's really amazing!! :D

kaushik said...

i hope it becomes a huge it for Sophie in France. That will cement a foundation for the 4th album

Fran said...

I think this is already a hit, cos "Can't Fight this Feeling" has 1 year old, and it already hit the French top 40, based only on downloads. That's really amazing! :D

Anonymous said...

This is not related to the post but I guess it's smthg nice hehe
I guess there are many out there like me who fell in love with the freemasons more after Heartbreak and from what I've heard about Bittersweet am surely loving them more. I mean they had some really nice songs before but these 2 songs with Sophie are jus monsters!
so for those who likes the freemasons, there is a recent remix that they did for Gypsy, a song by Shakira. The original version is very nice but their remix is slighlty different but definitely better so search for it on the net (still very limited availability on the net hehe)
Kau it's up to you if you want to post the link or not :D
just google : shakira gypsy freemasons remix and you'll get the links ;)

kaushik said...

I've heard the Gypsy remix a couple of days ago. I love it, yeah. Its very different from what they do. I've been following the Freemasons' work for a while now. Everything they did till this recent Bittersweet mix has sounded kinda same-y. They are very repetitive with their work. The stand outs are probably Uninvited, Rain Down Love, Heartbreak, Gypsy Remix, Beautiful Liar remix and Bittersweet..

I can't wait to hear Bittersweet. I keep listening to that live recording. It's simply amazing!



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