Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Another day, another disappointment - the 2nd official instalment is here

I think the odds of Sophie getting pregnant again are more than releasing the album this year. Oh well, here's some disappointing news for you all - the album won't be out till autumn (PROBABLY!)

So, you've got some live dates coming up, at The Feeling's Little World Festival in Meribel.
That's right. It's taking shape nicely, actually. They've got loads of bands and DJs and all sorts. I think we've got one Easyjet flight with around 80 of us booked onto that one plane. I think whoever else is on there will find it quite a funny ride.

Didn't you go out in 2008 when they played in Meribel?
I did, yes. But I didn't perform. It was really exciting, though. The gigs were really full-on and rammed. So I'm looking forward to it.

Will you be playing new stuff?
Yes, I think there will be a few new ones in there.

Are there any further live plans?
We're talking about maybe doing a festival or two, although at the moment all the planning is in the embryonic stage. But I think summer 2011 will be the big summer for me for touring and festivals, because I don't think the album will be out until after festivals this year. Probably in the autumn.

In other Sophie news, you went to the SpongeBob SquarePants premiere recently.
Yes, I did! That was good, actually. And then we went onto a gig and then out chasing the closing times of the bars around London. It was a fun night.

What gig did you go to?
Sinead and the Dawnbreakers. It was really good. She's really brilliant live and every time I see them they've got better. She does rockabilly style and it really suits her.

Sinead, of course, being your husband's bandmate's wife.
Exactly! A fellow Feeling WAG.

The only thing that cheered me up is a little tweet that Sophie left:
"the countdown begins.. video shoot for bittersweet is 17th feb. exciting! the 17th of the month for my 17th video."

Looking forward to the video. Hopefully the single will hit the radio in Feb as planned.


Anonymous said...


Kim said...

Sophie Ellis Bextor is the disappointment of this decade. Even with a hit on her hands she will flop like never before.

I pity myself and all other fans.

Fran said...

Autumn yet???? I think I'm a very patient fan, but I just can't wait anymore.... I want that album right now!! Why waiting until September/October to release the album, if "Bittersweet" is said to be a huge hit?? They can release the single in April, and two weeks later the album can be out!!
I just can't understand why Polydor is always delaying Sophie's releases.... always!! And never gives us information about her. Never!!
I'm really tired of waiting!! :-(

Anonymous said...

Hard times for Sophie's fans Hard times.

Anonymous said...

Jesus wept.

Anonymous said...

Putting aside the fact that am a big fan, work wise, this is the most unprofessional management I have ever seen. No respect for deadline nor for the fans. I dont believe it when they say that it takes time and time and efforts to release a single or an album or whatever. Just check out the single that they did for the help of Haiti. Not only they bothered to get many talents from different countries, they did a remake for the whole thing and it just only took them like 1 month maximum. Ok, the lyrics were already done and the music, ok fine! Supposedly the lyrics and the music for Sophie's album are also ready just like we were lead to think, I think it wouldnt take much time for the album to be ready and quite frankly, I think they are just a bunch of liars. The album isnt ready yet and they're just finding any stupid excuses to release the album and why exactly? Just to make it a flop even if it has the best hits on it. Am just surprised how they just keep on insisting to have an obvious failing strategy every single time. Releasing bittersweet now and the album in October?! what the heck?! it will just kill the hype.
I really believe that all of the fans should sign a petition and send it to polydor or whatever company is reponsible for the album release and demand an early release meaning APRIL!!!!! and if not, they should provide us with an alternative solution, and let me propose one: a greatest hits cd (i know we all have sophie's songs, but maybe we can have 1 or 2 new songs on the CD) or just release a CD for the Bsides (we all know there are plenty of them, just a couple of them can be enough to make a whole CD). till when are they planning to keep them stocked warming up the shelves?!!! wastes efforts and wasted money! at least make them available on itunes or smthg!

Anonymous said...

My disappointment made me forget to wish Sophie good luck if she's pregnant, she's a lovely monther (L)(K)

Anonymous said...

Off topic but... new photos at gettyimages!

kaushik said...

thank you... use the NAME/URL option for your identity when you post. So i know who you are, and i can credit you for the pictures.



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