Friday, February 26, 2010

So.. erm.. to sum up

All the information that we have received till now:

1. Sophie recorded with a billion producers (again). We know of 25-30 song titles through ASCAP. But only 12 are going to land up on the album (according to Sophie), which she recently named "Make A Scene". If we pray hard enough and if God is a generous fellow, then we may get two bonus tracks and a load of b-sides. The release strategy, as of now, is two singles followed by the album. And if my memory doesn't fail me, Sophie mentioned sometime in the past that there would be 3 singles from this album.

2. Bittersweet which is scheduled to be the FIRST single from the album is a monstermotherfucker of a track. The Bex-monster will be filming the video for it shortly, and it will hit the radio after that. The CD single will be released on the 2nd of May. We're still unsure what they're going to do with Heartbreak. The video for Bittersweet will be shot in London, with Chris Sweeny again (the same guy who did that goegeous video Heartbreak). A live recording of the Freemasons mix of Bittersweet is available on youtube, thanks to a generous PopJustice reader.

3. The danciest song on the album is a track about a stalker (big surprise!) who irritates Sophie over the phone. ASCAP registers a song-title called "Dial My Number" (with Liam Howe) which, i suppose is the track we're talking about. There was a title called "Hang Up" which came from an inside source, which is most probably just a big rumour. As are the other titles - Still Mixed Up and Carnival.

4. There was a demo CD in circulation in the Fascination office which included these tracks - Synchronised, Starlight, Dial My Number, Off & On, Heartbreak, Under Your Touch and Sophia Loren. Some, if not all, of these tracks might end up on the album. Synchronised was added to Fascination's office playlist back when the song title was just discovered. Calvin Harris had hinted once that he was working on a new mix for "Off & On". We're not sure if there is going to be a new mix of the song, or if his other song "Calling It Love" will end up on the album instead. Sophie performed Starlight at the iTunes festival. The track is produced by Richard X, who has also contributed another song called "Magic". Richard X seems to think that Magic will end up on Sophie's album, thats what i gather from BlackMelody. Richard X, along with Hannah Robinson contributed another song called "Immune To Love", which might not end up on the album.

5. There is a song called "Revolution" which a music journalist (JP) posted on the offical SEB forums. In his words. "'Revolution' has to be a single, I cannot write in words how much I love this track".

6. Sophie had mentioned Ed Harcourt a couple of times in the past. Ed collaborated with Sophie and Dimitri, contributing 3 songs, according to ASCAP. Sophie also said on a radio interview that she worked with Betty Boo for the album, but no song title has popped up, yet, crediting Betty Boo.

7. Sophie has worked with the famous Armin Van Buuren on a very trance-y song called "Not Giving Up On Love" which is penned with the Nervo sisters. The Nervo sisters contributed another song called "We Got A Chance", according to ASCAP. Sophie recently confirmed the Armin track to be a part of the album.

8. "Sophia Loren", a track produced by Christopher Rojas and co-written with Cathy Dennis was initially planned to be the lead single of the album last January, when Sophie was still pregnant with Kit. The song was featured on a Rimmel advert which is now being played in the US as well. The chorus of the song can be heard on the advert, and a 2 minute snippet of the song can be heard on the making of ad. Christopher Rojas contributed another song called "Lose Myself" according to ASCAP.

9. Sophie's official website announced that Sophie was going to work with Greg Kurstin (again) and Andreas Kleerup on new songs. So far, no songtitles have popped up anywhere crediting them. Sophie has worked with Kurstin in the past on her hit single "Catch You".

10. Sophie has worked with some of the biggest names in the pop industry. Here are the list of collaborators - Freemasons, Calvin Harris, Richard X, Joe (Metronomy), Liam Howe (Sneaker Pimps), Biffco, Dimitri, Hannah Robinson, Armin Van Buuren, Christopher Rojas, Jim Elliott (Kish Mauve), Fred Ball, Greg Kurstin, Andreas Kleerup, Johnny Douglas, Cathy Dennis, Ina Wrolsden, Miriam and Olivia Nervo, Ed Harcourt, Betty Boo and more (that whole Bloodshy & Avant thing is, most probably, just a rumour).

11. This is a thorough list of songs recorded for the album. We're not sure which ones are going to make it to the final cut - Cut Through The Heart, Don't Let Me Go, Sleepwalking, Love Deluxe, For Love, Not Giving Up On Love, Calling It Love, Dial My Number, Give Into Love, Magic, Bittersweet, Lose Myself, My Priority, Off & On, Only For This Moment, Sophia Loren, Sorry Now, Starlight, Supersexy, Synchronised, Scene, Under Your Touch, Whispers On The Street, Wicked Game, Immune To Love, We Got A Chance, Heartbreak Make Me A Dancer, Easier Said Than Done, Get Right, Hype, Kitten On The Keys, Revolution.


Anonymous said...

hehe indeed that sums up pretty much everything we were waiting for during all the past months hehe I just couldnt notice the absence of anything related to "love heist". The only thing I know about it is that it was played during a catwalk for a fashion designer (i heard it on youtube) and the song sounds nice! do you have if it leaked in full? or if it will be released on the new album:SSS?

Anonymous said...

btw I forgot to tell you that it seems Sophie will be appearing in the video of cant fight the feeling with Junior Caldera!! :D

kaushik said...

Love Heist is from the Trip sessions. It won't ever be released. There was a post about it here and on Sophie-Online... just check the archives..

kaushik said...

oh and thanks Eden, you're one of my best sources of info *smiles*
That special "thank you" tag on the banner is for you!

Anonymous said...

thank you so much Kau, am just a fan of your site and since I dont have a blog yet, I cant be a follower of yours, I just like to help you keeping it up-to-date hehe and for love heist, I was just wondering since I never heard anything about it after your post:P

kaushik said...

hehe... Eden, you can use Name/URL option when you're commenting to a post. It's easier for you, you don't have to sign off with your name, and when you double post, i will know its you..

And thank you for those wonderful words about my blog *gleams with joy*

I can always count on you for keeping me posted with anything Sophie!

Miguel Angel said...

Wasn't there a song called "Music Took My Man" that was recorded for the 4th album too?

kaushik said...

Yes Miguel, there was a song called "Music Took My Man", but it was from the 3rd album sessions. Someone mis-informed me saying that they were using a new mix of the song for the fourth album. All songs recorded for the fourth album are new. The other titles - Still Mixed Up and Carnival are also rumours. The ones in this post are the only songs recorded for this album

Miguel Angel said...

Oh what a pitty, the title got my attention.

Also, there was another one called "Don't you wanna get crazy?" from the 3rd album era that didn't get released, wasn't it? Another nice title for a song.



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