Monday, February 1, 2010

what could be more torture...

...not having a Sophie song that is supposed to be 'absolutely-fantastically-stupendously-marvellous' or being teased about it.. hmmm.
(i like being teased though)

BiffCo tweeted:
"" One touch and there's a rush of Electricity. So wont you show me all there is to know? " S.E.B. 2010"

Steve Anderson (yes, the guy who remixes Kylie's songs for her tour) said:
"Perks of being old friends with a Freemason - @SophieEB's "Bittersweet" is an absolute MONSTER!! HUGE RIFF ALERT!!! - amazing amazing"

Biff replied:
"Fabelhoff! You approval means a lot xxx"

and Steve said:
"with Sophie, Marina and Hurts you are on FIRE my friend!"

excited? I know i am... can't wait for the (gonna burn this) goddamn (house right down) song to hit the radio. C'mon Sophie.... hurry it up!


Anonymous said...

Well February is finally here... The countdown is on to check if all those talks and messages are worth the exictement and hype!!!

Kim said...

Must say, all this hype is unbelievable. Is her song as massive as it is said to be? Jolly good.... Can't wait for it.

Fran said...

MASSIVE!!!! This is gonna be massive, and this is gonna be Sophie's year!! ^^

Anonymous said...


Are you aware of any specific date when Bittersweet will hit radio sations? when will it be aired for the first time?! I mean we're already in February and early Feb means the first week of it hehe

kaushik said...

I have no idea Eden, i'm just as eager as you are to listen to the new song



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