Thursday, February 11, 2010

Official Catch-Up and some other news

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So, we asked your Twitter followers for some questions for you. One of them said, "Oh, so this is a fake Twitter, f***ing liars".
What?! So, he thinks all the tweets haven't been me? Actually, my brother got a bit annoyed with me because when I started Twitter, it was just after I'd had Kit and I was in that hormonal bubble when you've just had a baby and I kept on putting tweets up like "I'm now breastfeeding on Brighton pier". My brother made me stop doing that. So, if I had a fake me, I'd really like to think they'd have a little bit more discretion and perhaps be a little bit more pop. So take that Mr Cynic!

Other followers have asked whether you'll be playing live in America, Moscow, Singapore, Brazil, South Africa or Glasgow. Any plans?
Well, yeah, I'd love to. I do make this promise now that I will never, ever, ever put on a tour and then not perform the tour! There's always so many politics to that stuff, but I understand from a fans' point of view that it just looks like you can't be bothered. But I would love to play in all those places and it's brilliant that all those people have asked in such a short time. I have fans in far-flung places! I've still got a real excitement about the fact that your music can go out on these journeys that you're never going to go on. I love that.

An intelligent question from @davidlimonline - "how critical is the success of this upcoming album for your career? R U feeling the pressure & do you have a contingency plan?"
Ooh, that is an intelligent question. I would say the least critical out of everything, actually. Because I kind of feel like I do what I do now. Although that being said, you obviously want it to do well and I'm really pleased with it. But I don't feel as much pressure, because I feel like I'm here now, y'know? I feel like I'll be able to put out another album after this, no matter what.

A little bit about the track Scene:

It has been confirmed that the track Sophie Ellis Bextor recorded with Darren Lewis and Tunde Babalola of Future Cut is entitled “Scene.” The Metronomy-penned song is slotted for inclusion on the artist’s upcoming as-yet-untitled 4th album on Fascination / Polydor Records.
Future Cut Productions are also known for their work with Lily Allen (“Smile”), Ava Leigh (“Mad About the Boy”), Laura Izibor (“Shine”), Nicole Scherzinger (“What’s Keeping You”), Shakira (“Gypsy”), Rihanna (“Mad House”) and Livvi Franc (“Hummingbird”).
Thanks to Eden for the heads-up!

And in other news, Alexander McQueen committed suicide on the 11th of this month. Sophie commented on his death saying "It’s very shocking. It’s sad when anyone feels that alone but particularly someone who is so talented and seemingly has so much to live for.”
RIP Alexander McQueen
SOURCE: Daily Star


Fran said...

Is there any news about Sophie, the single, whatever?? :S
It's February 17th, and "Bittersweet" is not yet on music stations.... :S

kaushik said...

She only filmed the video for the single yesterday Fran. So maybe it will hit the radio in the end of Feb or early March.

Fran said...

OK!! Thank U!! ^^ Can't wait to see the video!! :-)



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