Sunday, October 4, 2009

What's going to happen to Sophie? (with fan responses)

Sophie has a number of public appearances lined up. Its good to know that she is practically everywhere. But is that all we want. Few years ago, Sophie was this little person who made amazing music, but she was not your typical celebrity who is always seen everywhere. Now Sophie is your regular social activist, but her musical career is left dangling somewhere! Will Sophie end becoming a part time musician with her occasional modeling offers and public appearances? Express your views.....

theberen says:
Her management aren't pushy enough & she's throwing her career away. The new album will flop, a GH will be pushed out (& probably another baby as well) & that's it. She sticks to occasional modelling & motherhood.

Rebirth says:
this will be her last regular album and it will flop hard and it's her fault. Maybe she will pull out a "Greatest Hits" in 2 years or 3 years, but that's it...she is not pushy enough, she is waiting for nothing..

Cactuar says:
I think her next single will flop, charting at around #55 or somewhere equivalent, and then the album will be cancelled, and then 4 months later a Greatest Hits nobody knew existed will be released a la Jamelia.

Skelofect says:
I think her 4th album should be called Discussion and it's not in album format, it's in the format of a topic and we just discuss the album. That way it will definitely exist.

RRC says:
She's a strange fixture in British public life, forever popping up in places. I think if she comes back with a great lead single and can sustain interest, she can take as long as she wants, really. Heartbreak didn't exactly storm the charts but it didn't die on its arse, either, which it could well have done given the absence of any real Promo / support.

anfunny2003 says:
The problem is (as everyone keeps saying) that there's so many problems with SEB. Seriously, I think she should just go mad and do a workout DVD and a book and take drugs. Sophie Ellis-Bextor - The Wild Years. Then she can do a raw, gutsy album in 2012.

aMusicListener says:
I think it is Sophie who wants to work further on the album. The label would simply have made her sing a surefire hit by some big producer and get it released soon. I honestly think that Sophie is the one not happy with it and I trust her judgement. I'd rather wait another 6 months for a great record than having a mediocre album released next Monday.

Nunya B says:
I think the problem is SEB has put SEB on the back burner… sigh.

SomethingKindaUgh says:
Being a Sophie Ellis-Bextor fan is about as more stressful than dating

Vasilios says:
I think this album has 15% chances to come out. What about you?

Davidavies says:
She has got to release a single before christmas... I don't care if it's a shitty single that doesn't even make it into the top 100.... (Which it obviously would do, it's Sophie! Let's not forget that "Today The Sun's On Us", which I still love, just scraped into the top 100)... I want a new Sophie single!!

MSernity says:
This is getting slightly ridiculous. I wish she would just release the album, fuck promotion.


Kim said...

Thank you for this post. I thought i was the only was who was getting frustrated waiting for her. As much as i love Sophie, i'm afraid she is testing everyone's patience with such endless waits - she did the same with Trip The Light Fantastic. The album was beyond finished long back, why don't her management just push her to release the album? I blame everyone starting with Sophie and followed by Fascination and her management. Everyone need to get really serious about her album. On the bright side, i love seeing Sophie everywhere :)

Mathew said...

Sorry, everyone is more than entitled to their opinions, but what the hell is with all the negativity and impatience? Trip the Light Fantastic was released mid-2007 - that's only two years ago! Sophie has since had another child who I'm sure she'd like to spend some quality time with, you know like most mothers do! I'm actually quite happy to wait for the album and I'm more than happy to hear that Sophie is still trying to perfect it. At least that way we'll get a better album and it shows that she's willing to work on her art rather than just rush it out for financial gain. In the meantime, there's a shitload of great music out in the world so go and find some of it while you're waiting...

Kim said...

You're right Matthew, but don't you think its utter foolishness not to capitalize on its success. After Read My Lips none of her albums hung around for a long time. She is some sort of a one-hit wonder at different periods of time, if that makes sense. With Heartbreak, i was certain that her days of fame are back, but she seems to be wasting it all away doing absolutely nothing. Its one thing to care for your baby, but you have chosen a life which requires you juggle both personal and professional life, and frankly she's not doing it very well. There are tons of celebrity mothers out there who are doing much better than Sophie with their careers and are still taking care of their young ones. Don't you think all this is just false hype? Seriously, either Sophie is an extremely lazy woman, or she isn't the least bothered about her career.

Having said that, i think the new album will perform better than Trip The Light Fantastic considering the sparkly producer-list, but that would also depend on how well she milks the album. If she is going to bomb it with mediocre singles, then god knows what is going to happen to her.

I apologise for ranting so much, but its an honest opinion. Sophie is not famous. She was. She is not now. If she wants to become famous again, she has to work a lot harder than she is now

Mathew said...

Kim, I understand where you're coming from. Sophie has chosen a career as a pop singer and with the territory there comes some expectation that she'll put her product out there and promote it so that more people listen to it. The thing is no-one here knows what the situation with Sophie or her record company. Sophie might be perfectly happy to release music at her own whim and when she's happy with it and Fascination might be the rare example of a record label being cool with that. I mean it's not like they're a major label like EMI or Sony, so that could just be the case. Perhaps the problem lies in the nature of the promotion as others (and yourself, I believe) have stated. I can understand why people would be a little puzzled by Sophie opening yacht shows or doing makeup commercials rather than doing more live appearances and single releases. Unfortunately, as Trip the Light Fantastic proved, doing a LOT of album-related promotion + releasing a kick-ass pop album + having had previous internationally successful singles/albums doesn't necessarily mean the she's going to top the charts again. I don't live in the UK, but from what I gathered around the time of that release Sophie did quite a few appearances around the place and I'm sure she'll do the same again. And really, as long as Sophie still IS making music, does it actually matter that she isn't a chart topper these days?

I guess my main point is people need to just relax a bit. I get being concerned that your favourite artist is silent on the music front and seems to be doing everything else. However, people also shouldn't jump to the conclusion that Sophie's giving up or she's lazy or that the album will flop because frankly no-one can know these things. (Try being a Kate Bush fan...then you'll know what I mean about patience).

fran_marvil said...

Sophie is amazing, her music is amazing & her new album is gonna be huge, & it's gonna be successful. Let's just give her a chance. As Sophie fans, we have to be together & don't speculate if the next album is gonna flop or she's quitting music, cos' we don't know, and obviously, she's not gonna give up!
& talking about chart success, Pixie Lott has had two consecutive number 1's, but her debut album stayed only one week inside the UK Top 10.... so, becoming a chart topper doesn't matter these days. What really matters is to sell records, and making fantastic tours all around the country/worldwide.

kaushik said...

Good point Matthew and Fran. I hope my post isn't mis-understood, i'm not putting Sophie down, but i just want Sophie to understand her fans' mentality. Not that Sophie would exclusively visit my blog and read these, but just in case it pop's up in her "i hate Sophie Ellis-Bextor" google search, then she would read this... As a fan, i'm always going to support Sophie. But, like Kim said, i think its alright for us to be a little upset when release schedules are delayed and albums under-perform.

Nonetheless, i'm wishing the best for Sophie, always. As are all of you.

James said...

well now on her twitter she says 'new single out in January' and Fascination said that her website is being reworked and uploaded within the next two months. If we look back at Sophie's website 'history', her website changes at the same time as when a new single from a new album comes out. So, if this trend continues, her new website will open with a preview of a new single (which will be out in January apparently). So, if you work it out, new single first airs in december, and is released in January. Its a possibility! :D

fran_marvil said...

Sophie's official website has confirmed that she's working with the finest producers of the moment. She's been in LA & Sweden working with Greg Kurstin & Kleerup. I think the album is gonna be massive!!!! :D Sophie is amazing!!!! :D

kaushik said...

Thank you Fran and James. I had those updates on my phone, but i couldn't update the blog till now. Anyway, i have put up the news. Thank you once again :)



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