Monday, October 26, 2009

Just a rehash of what we already know, still worth the post

This is actually bits from an older interview that i watched. But for those who have missed it..

Sophie Ellis-Bextor began her career as a rocker in the band theaudience, but soon after she was voted ‘Sexiest Rocker’, she qualified for a solo career. And she didn’t disappoint.

Her disco songs ‘Groovejet’ and ‘Murder On The Dance Floor’ reached # 1 in the UK and took her to the big leagues. This year she has released a single named ‘Heartbreak’ and will release her fourth solo album. In this interview, she speaks of the single, collaborating with the dance band the Freemasons, and her album.

The song ‘Heartbreak’ was written by dance band Freemasons. Sophie reveals how the single came about. “I was working on some new material with a guy called Biff (Stannard), who's good friends with the Freemasons. They sent over the instrumental to 'Heartbreak' and we wrote the lyrics. The single remix has changed a bit from the original demo, but it was always their song to start with."

Sophie says the best thing about the Freemasons is that they understand what it takes to make a hit. She says, “The thing I love about them is that whilst they've got a lot of dance sensibilities, they've also got pop sensibilities. With them there's always an appeal from a melodic point of view as well as just the basic four-to-the-floor beat. Their songs feel like they've got a bit more texture and shape to them. I think they respect the fact that people want a song to tell a story as well as make them boogie.”

The fruitful first partnership isn’t going to be their last. The band and Sophie are already working on another song. She says, “We will be doing a bit more, definitely. There's another song we're working on at the moment. I think if something works then it's worth persevering with."

Sophie’s forthcoming album was supposed to be released in the summer, but she couldn’t complete it in time after giving birth to a baby boy in February. "The album's pretty much done – we've got about three quarters of the way through it. I was supposed to have finished it earlier in the year but then I had my baby so my schedule changed somewhat," she says.

Sophie started out as an indie artist, but moved to disco music midway. About her latest album, she says, "If anything, the album's going to be a bit more dance and a bit more electro. In the past my albums have featured quite a broad range of genres – a bit of indie, a bit of electro – but this one definitely feels like it's more dance-centric. I've done tracks with Calvin Harris, Metronomy and Liam from the Sneaker Pimps, which is maybe why!"

Sophie says she’s not been able to think of a title for the album, something she’s usually done with before she’s half way through. She says, "I seriously need to think of a title! Usually with albums I come up with something before I've finished half the songs, but this time I've neglected the name so I need to get on it. Maybe I should just use Trip The Light Fantastic again or go down the eponymous route?"

Sophie is married to The Feeling bassist Richard Jones, who often helps her with her music. She says, “Well, we've got a studio at home, so if he's free one afternoon and we need a bassist I'll give him a shout. We tend to go back and forth playing everything that we do to each other anyway. He's got very good instincts for what works so I like his advice."

Sophie says her husband and she don’t share the same taste in music, but they are getting more and more similar. She says, “I think they've gotten more similar over time. He introduced me to a lot of stuff when we first met. He would say that he's got broader tastes than me because he likes everything I listen to but I don't like everything he plays. Recently, he's managed to get me into some of the old country stuff like Vampire Weekend and Sigur Ros, while I've hounded him with disco classics."

Sophie was supposed to release a fourth single from her last album, but didn’t because she began her tour. She says, “I wanted to release 'If I Can't Dance' but I ended up going on tour instead. Then we were planning on doing a greatest hits and releasing a new track from it but I felt that was maybe a bit premature. That's where 'Heartbreak' originally came about. It's all been a bit higgledy-piggledy, but I think we made the right choice."


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