Tuesday, September 29, 2009

List of Unreleased songs - Sophie Ellis-Bextor and theaudience

theaudience ERA
1. Hunting High And Low - Aha's cover

QUIET STORM (theaudience's second unreleased album) ERA:
1. Anonymous (Andy Boyd/Sophie Ellis-Bextor/Alexander Ross)
2. Anyone Loves Anyone (Alexander Ross/Andy Boyd/Sophie Ellis-Bextor)
3. Bigger Than Life (Andy Boyd/Sophie Ellis-Bextor/Alexander Ross)
4. Cookie Jar (Dean Spencer Mollett/Patrick Hannan)
5. Day And Night (Nigel Butler/Dean Spencer Mollett/Sophie Ellis-Bextor)
6. Doctor (Patrick Hannon)
7. Enjoy It While You Can (Andy Boyd/Sophie Ellis-Bextor/Alexander Ross)
8. Final Degree (Alexander Ross/Andy Boyd/Sophie Ellis-Bextor)
9. Grey With Dusty Rain (Dean SpencerMollett/Nigel Butler)
10. Headcase (Nigel Butler/Hedgens/Patrick Hannon)
11. Hey 17! Am I Off My Head Again (theaudience)
12. How It Should Be Done (Dean Spencer Mollett/Nigel Butler)
13. I Got No More School (Billy Reeves)
14. I See A World (theaudience)
15. If You Don't, Someone Else Will (Billy Reeves)
16. It's Only Natural (Bluebell/Sophie Ellis-Bextor)
17. King Of Action (Dean Spencer Mollett/Nigel Butler)
18. Maybe I Was Wrong (Kerin Smith)
19. Never Shine In My Sun (Dean Spencer Mollett)
20. Out With The Old School (Dean Spencer Mollett/Kerin Smith)
21. Pink Vinyl (Andy Boyd/Sophie Ellis-Bextor/Alexander Ross)
22. Repetition Kills (Nigel Butler)
23. Santuary Hill (Nigel Butler/Patrick Hannon/Kerin Smith)
24. So Clever (Andy Boyd/Sophie Ellis-Bextor/Alexander Ross)
25. Sunshine Smile (Dean Spencer Mollett)
26. The Fool Will Rise Again (Dean Spencer Mollett/Nigel Butler)
27. The Greatest Gift (Dean Spencer Mollett/Nigel Butler/Sophie Ellis-Bextor)
28. The Last Time (Youth/Sophie Ellis-Bextor)
29. The List (Sophie Ellis-Bextor)
30. Too Many People (Dean Spencer Mollett)
31. Twilight Of The Teenage (Andy Boyd/Sophie Ellis-Bextor/Alexander Ross)
32. Two Way (Dean Spencer Mollett/Sophie Ellis-Bextor)
33. World (Kerin Smith)
34. You're A Handsome Man (Sophie Ellis-Bextor/Alexander Ross/Andy Boyd)
35. You Will Do For Now (Sophie Ellis-Bextor/Alexander Ross/Andy Boyd)


1. Revenge - outtake from Madonna's Ray Of Light album
2. Face The Music (Greg Alexander/Rob Davis/Sophie Ellis-Bextor)

1. You're On My List (Sophie Ellis-Bextor/Robert Hedgens)
(I'm pretty sure this is Rob Hedgens, the guy who worked with Nigel on Headcase, so i guess this is a theaudience track. There is a song called "The List" in the theaudience list of tracks as well. I'll have to get this confirmed.)

1. As Sure As The Sun (Sophie Ellis-Bextor/Gary Clark/Rob Davis)
2. Can I Be Enough (Sophie Ellis-Bextor/Jullian Gallagher/Richard Stannard)
3. Colour Me In (Sophie Ellis-Bextor/David Kreuger/Magnusson)
4. Defenceless (Sophie Ellis-Bextor/Jewels & Stone)
5. Don't You Want To Get Crazy? (Sophie Ellis-Bextor/Fred Schneider/Richard Barone)
6. Eternity Begins (Sophie Ellis-Bextor/Francis White)
7. Fake Love To Me (Sophie Ellis-Bextor/Danielle Brisebois/Wayne Rodriguez)
8. Let Go (Sophie Ellis-Bextor/Matt Prime/Hannah Robinson)
9. Life Goes On (Sophie Ellis-Bextor/Julian Gallagher/Richard Biff Stannard)
10. Love Is The Law (Sophie Ellis-Bextor/Dimitri Tikovoi)
11. Mr. Friday (Sophie Ellis-Bextor/Shelly Poole/Paul Statham)
12. Make My Night (Sophie Ellis-Bextor/Jullian Gallagher/Richard Stannard)
13. Mirror Mirror (Sophie Ellis-Bextor/Julian Gallagher/David Raymond Morgan/Richard Stannard)
14. Off The Hook (Sophie Ellis-Bextor/Gary Clark/Rob Davis)
15. Our Song (Sophie Ellis-Bextor/Matt Rowe/Richard Stannard)
16. Pop Wow (Sophie Ellis-Bextor/Shelly Poole/Paul Statham)
17. Ring The Changes (Sophie Ellis-Bextor/David Kreuger/Magnusson)
18. Running Out (Sophie Ellis-Bextor/Danielle Brisebois/Wayne Rodriguez)
19. Take Me Back (Sophie Ellis-Bextor/Dan G.Sells)
20. Take Me With You (Sophie Ellis-Bextor/Karen Poole/Johnny Douglas)
21. The Lesson (Sophie Ellis-Bextor/Stephen Lironi)
22. Turn It Up (Sophie Ellis-Bextor/Fred Schneider/Richard Barone)
23. Wasted (Sophie Ellis-Bextor/Andrew Watkins/Paul Wilson)
24. Who You Really Are (Sophie Ellis-Bextor/Matt Prime/Hannah Robinson)
25. Worst Is Still Behind Me (Sophie Ellis-Bextor/Scott Fraser/Robert Hodgens)

1. 2 Of Us (Danvers Thomas Asher/Sophie Ellis-Bextor/Matthew Paul Rowbottom)
2. Love You More (Shepard J Solomon/Sophie Ellis-Bextor/James Harry)

4th ALBUM SESSIONS: (cos they still remain unreleased)
1. Calling It Love (Cathy Dennis/Sophie Ellis-Bextor/Richard Wiles)
2. Carnival (unknown)
3. Dial My Number (Sophie Ellis-Bextor, Liam Howe, Hannah Robinson)
4. Give Into Love (Sophie Ellis-Bextor, Liam Howe, Hannah Robinson)
5. Hang Up (unknown)
6. I Still Believe In Magic (Richard X/Sophie Ellis-Bextor)
7. In The Name Of Lust (unknown)
8. Lose Myself (Christopher Rojas/Sophie Ellis-Bextor)
9. Moving Cities (unknown)
10. Music Took My Man (unknown)
11. My Priority (Lamont Dazier/Sophie Ellis-Bextor/John Stack Graham/Daniel Woodcock)
12. Off And On (Cathy Dennis/Roisin Murphy/Calvin Harris)
13. Only For This Moment (Alexander Perls/Cohen Wayne/Sophie Ellis-Bextor)
14. Sophia Loren (Christopher Rojas/Cathy Dennis/Sophie Ellis-Bextor)
15. Sorry Now (Christopher Mohr/Cohen Wayne/Sophie Ellis-Bextor)
16. Starlight (Richard X/Sophie Ellis-Bextor)
17. Still Mixed Up (unknown)
18. Supersexy (Jim Elliott, Sophie Ellis-Bextor, Gabriel, Hannah Robinson)
19. Synchronized (Ina Wroldsen/Sophie Ellis-Bextor/Fred Ball)
20. The Scene (Metronomy/Sophie Ellis-Bextor)
21. Under Your Touch (Sophie Ellis-Bextor, Liam Howe, Hannah Robinson)
22. Whispers On The Street (Jim Elliott, Sophie Ellis-Bextor, Gabriel, Hannah Robinson)
23. Wicked Game (David Lipsey/Jeremy Shaw/Sophie Ellis-Bextor)
24. Immune To Love (Sophie Ellis-Bextor/Hannah Robinson/Richard X)

(The ones in RED have been made available in some form or the other)


Kazimir said...

I would definitely want to hear those Prime, Gallagher, Magnusson and Biff songs from the TTLF era... the rest as well of course

Kim said...

oh those stuff from theaudience sound great. i had no idea sophie wrote so many songs for them

Little Bird said...

U forgot about "Immune To Love" Sophie, Hannah & Richard X :)

Renzo said...

'Revenge' of the era Read My Lips?

Sophie had not recorded the song in this year? :S

Renzo said...

Dear, the song 'Sanctuary Hill' already leaked...

kaushik said...

Thanks Little Bird and Renzo...

TheWV said...

Love You More &
Off And On Shoul be in Red

kaushik said...

Love you more!? when did that leak!?

TheWV said...

ok I was confusing it with want you more :P

Kim said...

I wish she releases all the songs that she recorded for the new album

Anonymous said...

Anyone Loves Anyone
Final Degree
Never Shine In My Sun
Sunshine Smile

where did you get this?

kaushik said...

Never Shine and Sunshine Smile are both written by Dean. I'm in touch with him and he told me about those two titles. They may see the light of the day sometime soon (and by that i mean say 6-8 months)

Anyone Loves Anyone and Final Degree are from BMI. They're both Andy/Sophie tracks. I don't think they were recorded. Cos Dean doesn't remember hearing those tracks. They were probably just written and scrapped later



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