Saturday, October 24, 2009

Sophie Drinks To Kit's Progress

HARMONY is the key to success for singer Sophie Ellis Bextor, who combines motherhood with being a pop star and a top model.

In February Sophie, the face of cosmetics maker Rimmel, gave birth to her second son Kit, who weighed just 2lb 6oz and had to spend his first month in hospital.

Earlier this year she released a single with the Freemasons, Heartbreak (Make Me A Dancer) and she has written 25 songs for an album due out next year as well as doing several photo shoots.

Speaking in New Orleans, where she was helping the drink maker Southern Comfort to promote its range of cocktails, Sophie, 30, said: “It’s been a pretty hectic year but that’s the way I like it."

“I enjoyed song-writing during pregnancy because I had so much time and there was no pressure to do anything else. When Kit arrived he was just 2lb 6oz and they were worried about him because he should have been 3lb. He was in hospital for a month but he’s great now – well over a stone and doing brilliantly.”

As Kit gained weight, she resumed her song writing and is putting finishing touches to the songs with Los Angeles-based jazz musician Greg Kurstin.

Sophie, whose song Murder On The Dance Floor reached number two in the charts in December 2001, is hoping to release three singles from the album, the first in January.

She will also be doing a UK tour after the album, her fourth, is released next spring and will probably do gigs in Europe and Russia after that.

Sophie is married to The Feeling guitarist Richard Jones and while they were in New Orleans, she left young Kit and her other boy Sonny, five, at home with her mother, former Blue Peter presenter Janet Ellis. She may take Sonny to Moscow in the summer.

“I do Russian gigs quite often because I have quite a following,” she said. “Heartbreak was number one there for ages."

“I’ve told Sonny all about Russia and he is very keen to see it for himself. I’m lucky because I can balance work with bringing up the children. I couldn’t be happier.”

Article by James Murray

So, I've highlighted something really important there. Why only 3 singles!? Its like she wants this to be Trip The Light Fantastic part two. Everything is being planned that way. I really wish she brings out more singles from this album. She has recorded the songs with top notch producers, she has got to have an album filled with tracks which are single-material.

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