Thursday, October 8, 2009

Sophie's fourth album is still in progress - some updates

A few days ago, Sophie tweeted that her official website would get a make-over soon. I couldn't wait, so i changed the header on the blog - what are your thoughts about it? Cos for the first time, its not neat and organised.. Montage, dare i say.
Anyway, the fourth album is still in progress. As Sophie continues to record, we get little bits of information from her official website and her twitter:

Sophie is song-writing in LA. She mentioned this already on her twitter.
"in LA. what should i do while i'm here? any restaurant recommendations? am here to songwrite primarily but can make time to eat of course.."
She has also been flying to Sweeden to add some final touches to her material. Any guesses as to who she is working there? :)

There could be a song called "Let's Go Out", cos that is what i gathered from a Twitter conversation:
Julian: hey sophie, how are you? did yo hear 'let's go out' yet? you likes? jules x
i haven't had the latest version. would love to hear it. i'm sure i'll love it. hope you're good.
can you whizz me a direct message with your email on it and i'll send? x
But this could be wrong speculation. For all we know it is one of the songs he produced and wanted to Sophie to listen if she wanted something similar.

Her official website says she is working with Greg Kurstin again, which i think is a very good thing. I have been saying that she should work with Greg again. I think Fascination is trying to purchase another instant hit for her, well, works for me.
"Working with some of the biggest names in the business, Sophie has got together with Greg Kurstin, who added the sparkle to Sophie’s "Catch You", Kylie Minogue’s hit single “Wow” and some of Lily Allen’s top tracks."

She is working with Andreas Kleerup
"Hitmaker Andreas Kleerup has also been working alongside Sophie, who you will know as the man behind Robyn’s smash No. 1 record “With Every Heartbeat."
I'm not a fan of any of Robyn's works. But i gather that she is liked by a lot of people, so i'm hoping she comes up with something amazing with Kleerup.

There MIGHT be a new single in January. Sophie stated on her twitter that she will have a new single in January. But i'm guessing that is just a possibility, considering her release schedule statistics.
new single in january.. x"

Sophie knew how to play the guitar when she was in theaudience, but she tried not to play because of one funny incident when she played a wrong note (or something like that) live. She also knows how to play the piano. Now she is learning to play a new instrument.
i am going to learn xylophone and play a solo on all my stuff. under a spotlight. wouldn't that be great!"


Kim said...

1. Good work! It is not the usual header that you have always had. I have to acknowledge the fact that you work so hard to keep this blog interesting as ever.

2. Thanks for the update. I was wondering why you didn't update us about the release date which Sophie tweeted about. And you managed to dig up some more information. Good to know Sophie is working hard. I can't wait for the album. January is so far away

Mrrr said...

I'm sure that Sophie will twitt about making last things with album, so it's the best way to know for fans :)

Anonymous said...

I think she is going to have her single out in February, according to some post on UKMix. She wants to do what she did with Trip The Light Fantastic. I see one hit single and two flops coming out way. Poor Sophie!

Anonymous said...

Just imagining an album filled with songs produced by Freemasons, Calvin Harris, Richard X, Greg Kurstin, Sneaker Pimps, Kish Mauve, Metronomy, Hannah Robinson, Christopher Rojas and many more makes it feel like the album will be a piece of pop heaven. Plus, Sophie adding her amazing vocals on every song is like attaining nirvana! And making the album a worthy experience is its lyrical collaborators Cathy Dennis, Betty Boo, Ed Harcourt and more. I can't wait for this album. She should work with David Guetta, Red One, Bloodshy & Avant and Timbaland now and make the album a double album with 25 songs! I will happily die after that! :)

Wextor said...

She hasn't been to Sweden yet, she's going this week, as far as I know, to work with Kleerup.
Let's believe there will be a single in Jan, my heart wouldn't make it to wait for more a month! XD


Andrew said...

Oh no i do not want her to work with Timberland or Redone lol. Timberland's sound is to RnB for her and as for Redone, all his stuff sounds the same with the exception of what he done with Little Boots. I really want to hear what she has done with Richard X because he is an amazing writer/producer. I hope she also works with Xenomania again, i am ready for an If You Go part two!

Kim said...

I agree with whoever posted about Sophie working with Timbaland, David Guetta and Red One. All three of them are pretty famous and i think it would do some good for Sophie. Yes, Xenomania please!



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