Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Love Heist is not a new song at all

Well, according to fascination
"‘Love Heist’ is actually a demo from Sophie’s 3rd album. This is definitely NOT her next single"

Well, there you go. Officially confirmed, not on her 4th album. It was a good track though. I really wish some of these songs are uploaded on iTunes or Napster. This idea has been suggested several times on Sophie's official website, on PopJustice.

Sophie's fans are all willing to pay for the unreleased songs. I wonder why the label hasn't considered this idea at all... If they do consider this, i would love to hear these:
Love Heist - cos the song is amazing!
Dontcha Wanna Get Crazy - i've been crazy about this ever since the title was revealed
Fake Love To Me - doesn't it sound amazing!?
Revenge - i love this song. I would love to hear Sophie's voice on it

FASCINATION please release these on iTunes...

Thanks Wextor for confirming this with Fascination


Robin said...

I would like to hear Sophia Loren too!

Andrew said...

Well i am kind of glad it is not her new single because i was not that fond of it lol.

kaushik said...

I was actually really exicted about this song. i wish it leaks someday

Anonymous said...

Is there an .mp3 rip of the YouTube video, or do you know how to make one Kaushik? I think the opening 25 seconds would make a great ring tone (which, hilariously, is the same thing I said about Sophia Loren, which also only exists in such snippets).

kaushik said...

i have that in mp3 format, i will upload it soon. I have a few other Sophie songs which i made into ringtones. :)



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