Thursday, October 8, 2009

2 more unofficial mixes of Heartbreak D/L mp3

Two more unofficial mixes of Heartbreak Make Me A Dancer. I haven't heard them yet, so i don't now what they sound like. I'm downloading them right now. Here you go

Heartbreak Make Me A Dancer (DJ Nejtrino & DJ Baur Remix)

Heartbreak Make Me A Dancer (Dmc Vityok Citi FM Especial Mix)


Anonymous said...

hehe thank you Kau for these 2 remixes. I wanted to share the first one with everyone on the forum but my connection was down all last week, I have 3 other unofficial remixes that i'll be posting soon. I am sick waiting for her 4th album, I mean, since starlight is ready, i dont understand why cant she just release it?!!!!!! what kind of marketing strategy her team is making her follow!!!!

Kim said...

How on earth do you find so many? I have to know what search engine you use :)
I love both the remixes! They are fabulous!



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