Friday, October 23, 2009

A little more about the B1 gig

Sophie's set list at the B1 Maxim Club was quite a power-packed one:
  1. If I Can't Dance
  2. Take Me Home
  3. Me And My Imagination
  4. New York City Lights
  5. Today The Sun's On Us
  6. Catch You
  7. Starlight
  8. China Heart
  9. Get Over You
  10. Groovejet (If This Ain't Love)
  11. Murder On The Dancefloor
  12. Heartbreak(Make Me A Dancer)
But it makes me sad to think that Sophie has stopped performing songs from her second album. I would love to see some songs like You Get Yours, Love It Is Love, Party In My Head, Nowhere Without You live..

Anyway, according to a fan Sophie spent 15 minutes after the show in the rain giving autographs and taking photos with her fans. There is a photo of him with her on his blog. There is also a little interview on the way.


Andrew said...

I just wish i could see her live! I have got to see the Spice Girls, Kylie, and the Pet Shop Boys. Now all i have left too see is Sophie and Girls Aloud. I have a feeling that will never happen. It sucks being an American Sophie fan lol. It is a rather nice setlist though, New York City Lights and China Heart! I would like to see her perform If You Go and Hello, Hello.

kaushik said...

Yes Hello Hello! My goodness i almost forgot about that song. Thanks to Sophie i have completely forgotten so many tracks from SFTH. I'm putting away RML and TTLF for a while. I want to go back to the time when i enjoyed SFTH and re-experience that.. that album was personal to me, on so many levels!

kaushik said...

i would just love it if she did something like

1. Heartbreak Make Me A Dancer
2. Mixed Up World
3. Get Over You
4. Today The Sun's On Us
5. You Get Yours
6. Starlight
7. New York City Lights
8. Take Me Home
9. Music Gets The Best Of Me
10. Hello Hello
11. Catch You
12. Groovejet (If This Ain't Love)
13. Murder On The Dancefloor



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