Saturday, October 17, 2009

"LOVE HEIST" - Sophie Ellis-Bextor's new song
I think its called Love Heist. Its not on the list of songs that we have right now. It's a brand new song alright. It sounds very country disco to me.. It got me all tingly! You'll love it!
Its very Groovejet meets Murder meets Catch You, with a tinge of theaudience! Yum! Its very very different from what she did on Trip The Light Fantastic (correction, what she released on Trip The Light Fantastic)

EDIT - this is the new single which will be out in Jan next year. Thankfully the single hasn't leaked in full. My inside source confirmed that it is a new song, and it was recorded freshly - 2 or 3 weeks ago. I'm still unsure about who the producer is. But we'll soon find out.

I just collected a few responses from here and there (PJ, UKMix, SEB-online, Youtube)
  • The Johnster - I'm not sure I really like it, it sounds as though its trying to be Not Fair meets Miss You Bow Wow. The middle 8 is nice, but the rest is fairly average in my opinion.
  • SloMover - Return of Murder Sophie? Sort of that organic disco sound and all.
  • Nunya B - I really like it (shocking, I know). Same lyrical themes as Catch You, totally different genre. The chorus is really catchy but not obvious.
  • 3Xs - Oh wow I really like this! Glad she is going back to that Murder sound, that was her best song imho.
  • Axie - Wow, it sounds great. Like a return to roots without recycling old material. I love it!
  • dominic spez - Why is everyone saying this is a return to her Murder sound? It doesn't sound anything like Muder. Sounds fab though.
  • SockMonkey - Great track. Love it. Wouldn't be a hit single, but I already want a proper version! It's definitely an album track or a b-side as opposed to single material.
  • aMusicListener - Sounds a little 'demo' but is still amazing. It can't be the new single. She said it was coming out by January.
  • Ice Cream Skies - I like it very much.
  • toby3000 - love it, I can't wait to have it on CD in 2014....
  • Vignesh - Love it!! Cnt wait for new Sophie Ellis Bextor!
  • IceAngel - Why is her music so perfect for catwalk stuff? They put her songs in a lot of reports from fashion shows etc hehe Cool song
  • franpopstar - I absolutely love Sophie's new song!!!! :D It's amazing!!!! :D
  • djodjo - It's very catchy
So, Sophie, if you're reading this... We're all very proud of you!

Thanks "djodjo" @ Sophie Online, for updating us
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Kazimir said...

It sounds great although it lacks the oompf of a good (lead) single. It has the same b-side charm to it as Here's to You and has me wondering whether it's got the same production team behind it. I guess it's another of the many TTLF outtakes. So I don't think this will be on the new album. Would like to hear a full version though.

Kazimir said...

Hmm, so apparently this is the new single for January... quite an early preview then, hopefully it won't leak in its entirety. Honestly, I hope there's still some editing to be done. I like the song but I don't feel it's strong enough to lead a 'come back'...

Isabela said...

Amazing!! This album is going to be her best album, definitely!

Kim said...

I have no words.. just WOW

Andrew said...

Umm..... I do not like it. Maybe when i hear the full version my thoughts about the song will change but i doubt it.

Eduardo Fernandes said...

I didn't like this song.
Starlight is so much better.

TheWV said...

You Better Watch Out, The Thief in the Night ...She Steels Your Heart

...Is Cool but I do not like for Leading Single... I'm expecting Some Electro/Dance, she's worked with nice people



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