Monday, August 30, 2010

Sophie's performances from Poland

Can't Fight This Feeling -
Not Giving Up On Love -

Quick notes:
1. Sophie has tanned, and i don't like it.
2. Her bee-hive looks amazing.
3. CFTF performance sounded great, NGUOL not so much.

PS - if you haven't already downloaded the re-mastered version of theaudience's second album, check the previous post. It sounds AMAZING now!


Makke said...

Hee.. hehe.. ehehee lol, I just got a weird Eurovision-ish feeling from that CFTF performance, with Sophie (for whom tan suits better than I thought btw!!) being a mostly static singer and the backup dancers jumping behind her. xDD
But anyhow, sounded nice. And aww, Junior Caldera was there, too. ^^

And for NGUOL.. Well, nothing much special, high notes are a bit risky but she did good. Atleast she performed it. :)
Oh, and her hairdo looks great, gotta agree on that. <3

Fran said...

Sophie was stunning & amazing as always!! :-)

sinofmyown said...

I don't agree. Not Giving up on love was PERFECT! Sounds amazing!


Patricia said...

Oh She was fantastic!!!!! ♥
I am her great fan:)
And I live in Poland ;)



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