Tuesday, August 31, 2010

and then she tweeted....

Sophie got on twitter FINALLY and told us that rumours about the album being shelved are rubbish and that it will be out soon (ha! in your face you fucking liars). I'm so happy that i decided to do a 3 minute dance to Not Giving Up On Love and now i'm jumping around... Justice prevails in pop music afterall!! I'm sure the 4th album will be amazing........!!!

Here are her tweets:

Time to put two cheeky red-headed children (mine) in bath then bed. Bye!!!

Thank you all for making taxi journey home from work more fun. Now at my front door.

@SophieEB send some love to Mexico please!
@Gabo_Navarro yes Mexican fans I love you too of course. X

@SophieEB hey there,you're about to be tweeted by Gaydar radio with odd questions....just so you know x
@ReallyDBlack goody!
@SophieEB at 8pm,they tweet famous folk to see if they reply. tune in,its quite funny

@SophieEB Sophie, PLEASE reply, i love you. Is it true your touring this year??
@normanmorman touring yes. Come?

@SophieEB please answer your fans from Brazil We love you.
@vetinhu and I love my Brazilian fans too.

@SophieEB Is it true that you latest album wont come out ?
@MarioA_Sandoval nope. That's rubbish. On it's way. Keep the faith, china tarts!

Lordy some of the 2008 fan mail is lovely. Hope they haven't gone off me by now but we all know how fickle pop is...

@SophieEB hey please... answer. When I will be able to buy your album? I'm waiting soo long
@YairC soon! Working on it... Watch this space.... X

Oh no! Just been handed a pile of fan mail which had been hidden at management office. Some dates back over two years! So sorry! Will reply.


Yair said...

Yeah she twitt me!! :3

Fran said...

At this point, I just hope she'd packed up all her staff, did a middle finger to her label bosses, & walk out with her album under her belt. She can release it on the internet, & tour all around the UK. Many artists do that, & that's the way singers make money. She's an artist, she's so talented & amazing, & Fascination doesn't appreciate her work.

M. said...

I don't care how stupid Fascination gets or whatever happens. I'm standing by Sophie!!!!!
I've been a fan for 10 years, so that blessed record label and all their BS won't make me change my heart.



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