Monday, August 9, 2010

Not Giving Up (Radio Edit) - Clip

Sophie's latest tweet
"preview of my new single ps - video looks LOVELY!"

It sounds AMAZING!!! Looking forward to listening to the whole song now. The one thing that i'm really happy about is that the production kept the emotion of the song intact. The piano adds to the melancholic feeling of the song. Lovely. Kudos to Armin for the gorgeous and light production.

Also, someone on the PJ forums who has already heard the radio edit in full said:
"That preview sounds exactly the same as the radio edit I have, so yeah that must be the version that's getting a release. I have to say the clip doesn't really do it justice, you gotta hear it in full to appreciate its lush dreamy trancyness. It's a bit of a grower too I reckon."

Anyway, here are the acousic and remix versions of the single
Live Acoustic -
Dash Berlin 4AM Mix Edit -


Anonymous said...

I like this radio edit the best. It's indeed a lot more emotional. Her voice is more present in this version. I have to wait to hear the full version, but I think I like Bittersweet/Under Your Touch/Revolution/Dial My Number/Heartbreak/Off and On better. Even though I'm not a huge fan of this song, I still think it's good that Sophie tries a new genre so more people get to know her. I wished she'd also tried indie folk/rock or psychedelic pop/rock. Maybe one day... =)

Kim said...

Kaushik, i'm going to quote your words "i'm jumping around listening to the clip". Lol

Seriously though, it's miles better than that remix we heard first. The acoustic version is the best, but i can settle for this.

And as someone said above, Bittersweet and all the other songs are much better than this, but we're probably only saying that cos we don't listen to trance music otherwise. It's a little too much happening in one minute in that clip.

Still looking forward to hearing the single mix.

Also, even though she looks silly with the auburn hair in the rest of the pictures from that photoshoot, she looks good in this one. Good choice.

Fran said...

Can't wait to hear the whole track!! It sounds incredibly amazing!!!! :D



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