Thursday, August 5, 2010

Sophie live at Amnesia with Armin

Sophie live at Amnesia (Not Giving Up On Love) -

not sure why Armin keeps playing the Dash Berlin Remix of the song everywhere instead of playing the single version. Sophie sung along to the remix and moved her hands every now and then. There was one moment when she sat down like doing a little pole dance move. If they are using scenes from the live video, they should use that bit. I love it.

Also, i adore her outfit. It's perfect for that packed atmosphere. I hope Sophie Muller uses scenes from the live performance. She could zoom in to Sophie's facial expressions. I'd like to see her hair and make-up for the event. From a distance, the hair looks like it's pinned up or something.


Makke said...

I think Armin just plays the remix and Sophie sings it acoustically 'cause they probably just want to build up the exitement before the music video comes out.. *I'm such a Sherlock ain't I?*

I hope the vid is going to feature the album version of the song, 'cause that mix ain't really that good in my opinion. But I don't listen to trance anyway so someone may like it a bit more than I do. :)

Kim said...

not a big fan of the remix, but i still love the acoustic version. i hope we get a good electro trane song.

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