Tuesday, August 10, 2010

more about Not Giving Up

This morning (ignoring the time difference) i posted a clip of Not Giving Up. Here's what happens after that in the song:

"The bit after the clip fades brings the 4/4 beat back in with handclaps and raising synths, and then it goes full-blown into the 'cos I feel it inside, taking over tonight...' bit. There is indeed a breakdown with beautiful strings and real drums where Sophie sings the 'Im not giving up, I'm not giving up' hook before the very last chorus."

Sadly though, the song's run time is a little less than 3 minutes. I know it's going to leave me craving for more, but i'm just glad that we're finally getting a single, so i'm not going to fuss about it. I'm just going to hope that there is a slightly longer version for the album. Maybe with some wooshs in the very beginning of the song...

"The radio edit clocks in at 2:55, but I have no idea whether or not there'll be a longer album version. There might just be that one edit."

Thanks Xondus for all the info about the song

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