Monday, August 23, 2010

Rumours rumours rumours....and no album in sight! Sigh :(

There have been tons of rumours about Sophie splitting with Fascination and being signed on All Around The World. Let me first dispel this rumour.

Armin's label, Armada, does not handle releases of his singles in the UK. "All Around The World" are releasing the single in the UK on behalf of Armin's label. "Xelon Entertainment" are releasing it in Australia. "Neblua" used to release Armin's singles in the UK, but the last couple of releases have been digital releases by "All Around The World".

Someone probably came across AATW mentioned as the label and decided to start a rumour that she parted ways with Fascination. This is not true. Yes, there were some issues ("fisticuffs" in SEB's words) involved with the release of the single. That is probably why Fascination stayed away from promotion activities. But now that the single is out, they did mention it once on their twitter, and the new video has been uploaded on Sophie's official website.

Coming to the second rumour - Sophie's 4th album has been dropped and there is a GH on the way. A rumour came from Universal Records that Sophie's fourth album has been dropped. The whole GH speculation is a fan-thing that people from several boards (PJ, FlopPop, UKMix etc.,) have started on their own.

Why the rumour about the album being dropped was started, i can't tell yet. I have sent Fascination many emails regarding the rumours asking them to dispel them at once. But they haven't cared to respond yet. I have tried to get a lot of people from PopJustice and Sophie-Online to flood Fascination's inbox with emails, so they know that there is genuine interest in Sophie.

Frankly, i wouldn't be surprised if the album is cancelled. The lead single flopped miserably on the charts, even though it is the best song of this year and Sophie's best song so far in her career. The so-called second release from the album (Not Giving Up On Love) hasn't been promoted in the UK at all, and is only performing moderately outisde the UK. Yes there have been sales in the US as well, but it's nothing significant for Sophie because the whole release has been labelled as "Armin's" release. I wouldn't be too surprised if the track is later cut out of the final tracklist for the album (if it comes out). Polydor (Fascination's parent label) had plans to release "Can't Fight This Feeling" in the UK. There is a possibility for the song to do well because it has become quite popular in Russia, France, Lebanon, Spain and a few other European countries. It can be called a success for Junior Caldera. The single did what it had to do for him - put him on the map. For Sophie, again, it's nothing significant. The Freemasons single was her last moderate hit, only by sales. It charted outside the top 10.

Looking at these disappointing figures, Fascination MAY have decided to scrap the album. BUT there has been no official word from anyone, so it's best that we don't assume anything. Sophie still has her tour in December. In fact some of the venues are quickly selling out. If Fascination rushes out with a third single this September, and if it finds a decent charting spot somewhere on the higher side of the top 20, then they can still release the album and it will probably sell as much as TTLF did, or maybe a little more (because she has widened her fanbase by performing with Pet Shop Boys, Will Young, George Michael and Take That. And let's not forget her performance in NYC.)

Let's just hope for the best. If you want help dispel these rumours, please email and tweet Fascination and ask them what's going on. Who knows, if one of us are lucky, we might get a response.
twitter: @welovepop

Let's do our best, and see what happens with the release.

I love Sophie to bits, and i'm doing my best to dispel these rumours and promote her album. If you love Sophie and her music, promote her. Buy the Maxi that will be out on the 30th. If you haven't already bought Bittersweet, Heartbreak Make Me A Dancer and Can't Fight This Feeling, buy them. Spread the word about an upcoming fourth album. Let's just hope everything turns out to be just fine.


Anonymous said...

I agree with you, Kaushik. I have been following all the rumours on Popjustice and I've sent 2 e-mails to the e-mail adresses you've posted there. I hope I get some response. At the moment, nothing's truely offcial about all the rumours, so I try to be optimistic. I remember Sophie saying she wasn't upset with how well Bittersweet did. She really deserves high success, also on the charts, but I'm happy that in the first place she was satisfied with the quality of the single. I think Not Giving Up and Can't Fight this Feeling are positive for Sophie as well and she isn't just a guest singer, she also co-wrote those songs. A lot of new people get to know her.
On the other hand, it is clearly Sophie isn't that involved in the promotion, release dates, probably also tour dates, etc. Who knows what Fascination has been doing behind her back? I'd say to Fascination: "Please, release Straight to the Heart! After all the work and the high-profile collaborations! Next year, release a Greatest Hits (with rarities, videoclips and live concert of the latest tour)." After that Sophie could think of another direction she wanted to go in the music scene, with a better record label.

Dan said...

Agreed. All you fans get with the emails. Let's release this album for Sophie in one way or another. Bomb bloody Fascination with emails. Who the fuck do they think they are

Fran said...

I'm gonna do my bit, & I'm gonna send an email to Fascination too! Hope they reply to my email. :-)

el_tinto said...

E-mail sent.
Hope it helps a bit :)

TheWV said...

Consider it Done Mr. K,
I really think those are only rumours... Sophie like every nice miss is always late... don't you think.

However, a pessimist is never disappointed.. :S

Anonymous said...

Sophie has been dropped by fascination and signed by all around the world. 100% true.

Fran said...

OK Anonymous, show up & say your name, & tell us where did you get that information!!

Anonymous said...

Jim! She's DEAD ALREADY![/quote]

How indenial/delusional must U stans to be think otherwise when the writing was on the wall for the death of her career MONTHS ago - FASCINATION clearly care as much as the GP do about Sophie with their increasingly aborted foetus "endlessly clueless + erratic" career KILLING "release schedule".

Glad you have the time to waste flogging a dead horse - ever thought of making a REAL MEANINGFUL contribution to society rather that some SELFISH SELF INDULGENT LONG DEAD NOSTALGIA fest ?? :rolleyes:

Anonymous said...

Cover leak?

Kim said...


and @the guy above the you, fuck off!



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