Thursday, August 12, 2010

Not Giving Up On Love (CD Maxi) Tracklist

Armin Van Buuren vs. Sophie Ellis-Bextor - Not Giving Up On Love (CD Maxi)
1. "Not Giving Up" (Radio Edit) 02:53
2. "Not Giving Up" (Extended Version) 06:52
3. "Not Giving Up" (Dash Berlin 4AM Mix) 07:06
4. "Not Giving Up" (Jorn van Deynhoven Remix) 06:54
5. "Not Giving Up" (Glenn Morrison Remix)
6. "Not Giving Up" (Mischa Daniels Remix)

yes, the last two remixes are for the Physical release only and they're not available on iTunes. You can preview the first four tracks on ARMADA MUSIC.

Don't you just love all four single covers. They're gorgeous.

EDIT - there is another mix called "Armin Van Buuren Mix" which is going to be on the CD Maxi. Armada music shop lists 7 versions of the song. Here's a screen shot of the tracklist:


LEON said...

I've just heard the full extended version and it's amazing ! it starts with a long intro of more than 2 minutes and the instrumental gap between verses and choruses have been made longer too.
PS : Kau , the lines "we're of the same existance , no lock without a key , we can't deny it's meant to be" is sadly not in this version either.

kaushik said...

Yes, i've heard the extended version too. It's not on it. I wrote to Armada Music. Lets hope they reply. Why don't you write too? I'll tell everyone from Sophie Online to write. If they do, we'll try to get some people from PopJustice to write. Maybe if they have enough number of us writing in asking why the lines are missing, they'll get Armin to include those lines in the song

Fran said...

I've asked via twitter to Gaydar Radio if they are gonna play "Not Giving Up", & they've replied to me they didn't receive a copy of the song yet...
So it looks like the song is having zero airplay in the UK... :-(



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