Friday, August 20, 2010

So how is Not Giving Up On Love performing on the charts?

#13 on Italian Charts
#26 in Gernamy
#37 in France
#5 in Finland
#3 in New Zeland
#38 in Australia
#23 in Switzerland
#15 in Sweeden
#7 in Spain
#5 in iTunes UK Dance, #42 on the album chart in general

Calling all Sophie fans from across the globe. Buy two copies of the EP and import the Maxi. I'm doing that. Let's make this a huuuuuge hit for her worldwide. She deserves it, and we can do it. Let's do this, for Sophie (and for Armin, in case any Armin fans stumble upon this post)


Fran said...

I've already purchased a copy of the iTunes EP & the CD Maxi!! :D The song sounds fantastic in HQ! :D Love it! :D

Anonymous said...

actually its 99 on the uk dance chart

LEON said...

Loving the single and mixes to bits , listening to them now :D

Makke said...

Erm... Where did you rip that '#5 in Finland'?

Mathew said...

Wow, 35 in Australia? If that's right that's her highest charting single here in ages :)

Anonymous said...

Copies have been bought...I've done my part!

Daniel said...

hey kaushik... bad news. a very reputable post on floppop is said that straight to the heart has been cancelled and a greatest hits with be released with a few tracks from STTH. poor sophie. :(
i'm guessing it'll have all her singles plus 3-4 STTH songs.

Anonymous said...

I really really hope that isn't going to happen. It would contradict with all the things we've heard of the production of STTH, which presumably went smoothly aside from the title changing thing. In fact, wasn't there supposed to be a greatest hits after album 3, but recording a couple of new songs prooved to be so fruitful it was decided to go for album 4 instead? If we won't get a complete new album, it proofs Fascination is only interested in the charts and not in the quality.

Eden said...

i just wanted to share with you this amazing piano instrumental cover for not giving up, veryyyyyyyyyyyyyy nice :D

Eden said...

this is the link ;P

Eden said...

this is smthg that i found online today :S

- Sophie-Ellis Bextor has reportedly been dropped from her label and her upcoming album has been cancelled due the poor sales of the singles. There will be a "Greatest Hits" compliation to be released this fall and it will include some new tracks that were supposed to be on the album. "Straight to the Heart" would've been her fourth album.

if it's true, am happy that finally left that crappy label but so sad if the album wont come out !



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