Thursday, July 2, 2009

more details about the 4th album..but still no title!!

Yes! Sophie has still not decided what the album's title is going to be. Lazy?? I think not!! She has been very busy promoting "Heartbreak" and congratulations to her for going #1 on physical sales. However, the single only peaked at #13, which was because of MJ's unforeseen death. I don't blame the single this time. It would have probably just entered the top 10 (#10 or #9) if not for his death. Poor Sophie and Freemasons, they must be heartbroken! But you guys (Sophie and Masons) should know that your song was really well received. Everyone i play the song to loves it. It was a hit for me and all your fans. But that doesn't mean you guys should stop working hard. I say, keep it coming on and on and on and!

Inside sources (FINALLY!!!!!) confirmed a few details about the album:

1. Yes, she worked with Richard X on a track called "I Still Believe In Magic". Sophie confirmed this title last year to a fan, who was the winner of one of the contests on her official site. Ever since people have been very curious about the sound. Its Richard X, its bound to be a hit...right?? My inside source is not too sure if the song will end up on the album though. Nothing about the quality or sound of the song was revealed. Sophie, if you're reading this, please don't waste any song like you did with the TTLF sessions. Whatever you record, release it. If not on the album, at least as a b-side.

2. "Music Took My Man" exists, and my source is 100% sure about it. In fact, Sophie did another mix of the song for the album, and this time it sounds more electro and dancey. Its supposed to sound very very good. So i'm looking forward to this track. Maybe this becomes her new single in the end...

3. Sometimes its better not to believe the media. The song about the stalker is not called "Another Love". Its called "Hang Up". Thats right. "Hang Up". Makes more sense, now that we know what the correct title is.

4. "Sophia Loren" is never going to be a single! Boo-hoo.... but its going to be on the album, so i can make my peace with it.

5. Her fresh single will be out in October, and her album in November. Sophie is busy finishing the album. In fact, the album will be all done by the end of July. After that its just waiting for the right moment and releasing the album. You ought to know, Sophie is busy working on some new tracks as well, in fact, she is going to be in the studio next week finishing up a few of them.

So be patient. Support Sophie... I have one more thing to say. Sophie, if you're reading this, i have an idea which i think might click for you..

Pre-album EP release.
This thing is really catching on these days. Artists release an EPs, say 3-4 tracks maximum digitally just to get some fresh stuff out to see what the reactions are going to be. Instead of leaking the songs, like what happened last time, this is a better idea. Fascination could cash in on the extra sales that the EP generates. And what should be on the EP?? Not the tracks which are going to be on the album. But alternate versions. Cos fans shouldn't get too bored listening to them. And its not necessary that all 4-5 tracks on the EP should land up on the album. If you (Sophie) are rejecting a song from the album, you might as well put it on the EP. For ex. I Still Believe In Magic could be on the EP.
I made up this tracklist for the EP:
1. Heartbreak Make Me A Dancer - with a double chorus in the end (cos the radio edit is too short)
2. Music Took My Man - pre remix version. The original version which is not electro. So people will know that there's a song, and when they listen to the album, they're going to be surprised to find a different version in there.
3. Sophia Loren - high time you this. Its going to get old soon
4. Off & On - the Calvin Harris Remix
5. I Still Believe In Magic

Thats a short track list, with just the right amount to be revealed. It teases the fans well, and its bound to tempt them to buy it.. Heartbreak will obviously promote the EP among Freemasons fans as well. The older mix of Music Took My Man is just to reveal that there is such a song on the album, but no one will know its going to be remixed for the album. Sophia Loren, because it was out on the Rimmel Advert, and before fans tire of waiting, i think you can treat them with it. And the Calvin Harris remix of Off & On, so thatyou don't give out too much from the album.. I Still Believe In Magic cos it won't end up on the album. It could be like an EP exclusive only, something like that..

Then when the LP album is out, you'll have what 15 tracks, of which 13 will sound brand new and fresh cos only Heartbreak and Sophia Loren would be out there already. Music Took My Man will be different. And Magic won't be on the album. Perfect strategy... don't you think??

But all this should be done before the single gets a release. Like two months before the single comes out. After the EP, you can release one single. Then the LP. Then another single. Then start her tour and release another single and promote that. And after your tour one final single, just to keep the album lasting for a longer time.


Mathew said...

Good idea about the EP - shame it'll probably never happen :(

Leon said...

Wonder if there are any vacancies at Fascination - would be happy to go and put this plan into practice.

Anonymous said...

Along with you that is. Great plan!

Isabela said...

Totally agree with you, Kau!

Go for an EP, Soph!

Kazimir said...

Q&A 06/07/09
Point 3 on collaboration with Sophie. Apparently they've done 3 songs now... Perhaps point 1 is also about Sophie

Star said...

I'm not sure about this, but Richard X made amazing songs for e.g. with Róisin Murphy (check Pandora or Parallel Lives) so I think that will be great!

Kazimir said...

I especially love Pandora... He was also responsible for Freak Like Me by the Sugababes and Some Girls by Rachel Stevens. Both songs ended up very high in the UK charts, #1 or 2 or something like that. It would be a wise choice if one of Sophie's collaborations with X was used as the first single of the new album. Either that or something she's done with Calvin. They generally appeal to most of the public... Maybe a Richard X song for the first single in october and a C Harris one for the second around december... Didn't they talk about making a christmas #1?

Star said...

Pandora is gorgeous! I think that Soph should make an single with Richard, cause we don't know what kind of music she does with he (we know Off&On). So, I'm waiting for their collaboration. :)

Sophia Loren makes me angry, because I'm waiting for it from November! ;) Soph, load it to MySpace! :)

kaushik said...

Yes, Richard X's post got me all psyched!! he's done 3 tracks with Soph. I hope Magic lands up on the album. Guys, if you've been observing Heartbreak is climbing the charts again.... can we all help it enter the top 10 this time??

Andrew said...

Well i bought 4 copies of Heartbreak, 2 cds and 2 vinyls from HMV when it came out. That place charges the crap out of you on shipping if you live in the US lol. I also bought the digital, so i have done my part! ;)

I really hope she puts the Richard X song(s) on her album. I have been wanting to hear Magic ever since the title appeared lol. He makes some incredible music, example Saint Etienne's Method of Modern Love!

Star said...

Now Heartbreak is on 21, it's not good.... I would like to help, but in my land I can't buy single :(

PS. How have you speak with Richard X?

kaushik said...

I agree, Magic should be on the album. I want the Kish Mauve collaborations to be on the album as well. I'm really digging their album. Its more than amazing!!

To Star - I haven't spoken to Richard X. He had this blog entry on his website, Visit it. You will know where i got that information from...

Star said...

Thanks :)



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