Monday, July 27, 2009

Sophie Ellis-Bextor - Starlight (LIVE!!!)

Sophie performed what seems to be her new single live at the iTunes festival. My previous post was about the same song - Starlight, produced by Richard X, co written with him and Hannah Robinson. The song sounds more epic than Heartbreak Make Me A Dancer. If this is the follow up single, then yay!!

Thanks to Dazzle on the PopJustice forums
Here's the link - watch the video for yourself.
She looks amazing as ever, and sounds brilliant. I can imagine how good the track will sound in the CD!!

Sophie's set list for the event was:
1. Take Me Home
2. Catch You
3. Starlight - brand new song from the 4th album
4. Groovejet (If This Ain't Love)
5. Heartbreak (Make Me A Dancer)
6. Murder On The Dancefloor

EDIT - after watching the performance over 17 times on my computer, i've made up my mind. The song has an amazing chorus!! I'm in love with the middle 8. It sounds very Madonna-esque. And the song is almost 4 minutes! Fulfilling!!! Kudos to Richard X. It sounds like an upbeat ballad, but then again, most of Sophie's songs do. I think she's saying "we beloooooooooong to the starlight starlight starlight". The sound on the recording isn't very clear. I can't wait for an actual HQ recording. It should be aired on the telly soon (maybe tonight), keep your eyes peeled.

EDIT 2 - after watching it again, i think its going to be the New York City Lights of the 4th album. Can't think of a better comparison. Extremely radio friendly, quenches your thirst, gives you everything that you were looking for in the song....


kaushik said...

Okay, so now we can confirm Starlight for the album... So the songs which are 100% confirmed are

Sophia Loren
Off And On
Heartbreak Make Me A Dancer
Calling It Love
I Still Believe In Magic
The Scene
Music Took My Man
Hang Up

These must be the ten tracks Sophie was talking about which she is sure will make the album. I wanted the Kish Mauve tracks to make the final list, i'm still crossing my fingers..

Anonymous said...

:( the video isnt working anymore.
i was so looking forward to hear it. Did you save it Kau?

Andrew said...

I was so excited to watch this but i could hardly hear the song, the sound quality was terrible. I did however love her little "dance" breakdown during the end of the song, i love when she dances like that lol. I cannot wait until i can actually hear the song because what i could make out sounds fantastic.

Gökhanesque said...

If it's from iTunes Festival, we can find it on iTunes isn't it? OMg Can't W8!

Anonymous said...

Yes it is from the iTunes festival, that is what is mentioned right. We should be able to download it soon

kaushik said...

It is, yeah... hopefully it will be up for download soon

Anonymous said...

i think heartbreak will be a bonus track



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