Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Sophie Ellis-Bextor - Take Me With You (Produced by Johnny Douglas) DL

Here's an unreleased track from the Trip The Light Fantastic era. Sophie recorded about 70+ songs for that album but she had written more than 100 songs. Will we ever get to listen to those songs, we'll never know. But here's one priceless jem which leaked recently.

It's a song produced by Johnny Douglas, who has also worked with Kylie on her Light Years and Body Language albums. Apparently, he has also worked with George Michael, Sugababes, Tina Turner, All Saints etc., This is the only song he wrote with Karen Poole and Sophie for her album but it was later rejected.

I played around with the ending a little, because the end was so abrupt on his version. For anyone who wants to know what i did here goes - i cut out the part i wanted to edit, changed the channels, gave it a reverb effect and then tried to add an intermittent sound effect, thats why you have those bit breaks in that part. And i sampled a cymbal crash from eJay, a software people use to make remixes, and reversed it, added a reverb + 3 echos and mixed it with the sample i had cut from the song.. finding the exact position to mix it was a little hard. I used trial and error there to find the exact place to put the cymbal crash, and when it was done, i took the finalized sample and placed it with the rest of the song and gave it a spin. It sounded terrific...

Go ahead, give it a listen:


Anonymous said...

Thank you Kau
Great song!
I wish those 70+ songs would leak :))))

Anonymous said...

Thank You Kau, but how can i find tmwu's HQ version? or it's impossible? Song is very good. i love it.

kaushik said...

I don't know if the HQ version will ever leak, but if it does, you will always find it here



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