Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Sophie & Freemasons - Heartbreak (Make Me A Dancer): Track record of the single

Sophie and Freemasons were labelled as a legendary team by many, and despite predictions that the single would go #1, it only peaked at #13 on the UK Singles chart. But this time, i think it wasn't in their hands. MJ's demise had its effect on the charts, the single may have entered the top 10 if not for that unforeseen event.

Anyway, Heartbreak debuted at #164 on the UK Singles chart when it was wrongly released earlier than its due date on June 14th, '09 (due date was 22nd). The single climbed 149 places to reach a position at #15, only counting the iTunes downloads. In the following week the song climbed to #13.

The single sold 40,000 copies and ended up reaching the #1 spot on the UK Physical Sales chart. The song has continued to be on the charts weeks after its release, and surprsingly now has reached #1 on the MTV Dance Chart! Congratulations to Sophie and Freemasons.

The music video was directed by Chris Sweeney and filmed on 21 April 2009. The video was released May 8th and it features Sophie dancing and singing the song in a futuristic setting surrounded by dancers and special effects. The video version of the song differs from the original edit; the breaks between verses are shorter, and the bridge towards the end of the song is quicker and is mixed differently.
(Click here to watch the video)

Here's the track record:
MTV Dance Chart - #1
UK Singles Chart - #13
UK Physical Singles Chart - #1
Irish Singles Chart - #38
Dutch Singles Chart - #85
Israeli Singles Chart - #7
UK Club Chart - #2
UK Upfront Club Chart - #5
UK Mainstream Club Chart - #2
Moscow Top 100 Airplay Chart - #2
Ultratip Belgian Singles Chart (Flanders) - #5
Ultratip Belgian Singles Chart (Wallonia) - #27
Belgian Dance Chart - #4
Russian Top 100 Singles Chart - #3

Sophie and Freemasons have been promoting the song a lot. Here are a bunch of performaces you can watch on youtube. The list of performances follow.

Live @ National Lottery
Live @ G-A-Y Heaven
Live @ GMTV
Live @ G-A-Y (Freemasons Launch Party)
Live @ Totally Saturday
Live @ Saturday Night with Miriam
Live @ T4 on the Beach

The dates and venues:
01. XXL - April 12, 2009
02. Town Club, Washington DC, USA - May 2, 2009
03. The National Lottery Show - May 20, 2009
04. GMTV - June 16, 2009
05. G-A-Y - June 20, 2009
06. BBC Breakfast - June 23, 2009
07. Totally Saturday - June 27, 2009
08. Summer Festival 2009 - Moscow, Russia - June 28, 2009
09. G-A-Y (Freemasons' album launch party) - July 2, 2009
10. Mantra Garden Bar - Dublin, Ireland - June 4, 2009
11. T4 on the Beach - Weston-super-mare, UK - July 19, 2009
12. Party in the Park - Leeds, UK - July 26, 2009
13. iTunes Festival - London, UK - July 27, 2009

(all screencaps are available on Isabella's site)

P.S. - anyone heard the Gaydar Mix of the single? If you have it, please post a share link in the comments


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good post. im so happy for sophie for going number one in mtv chart. thanks for finding all live videos for me. im a little lazy to find for them. your website is very good. keep it up sophierazzi rocks

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