Friday, July 10, 2009

The METRONOMY song is called "SCENE"

Thanks to NUNYA B on Popjustice for the heads-up..

here's some details about the Metronomy collaboration with Sophie...



10 July 2009 - Metronomy main man Joe Mount is turning his production skills to pop, writing a song for Murder On The Dancefloor star Sophie Ellis Bextor.

The band have been slowly building a reputation in their own right, and have also been making an impact on the remix scene taking on the likes of Klaxons, Goldfrapp, Gorillaz, Franz Ferdinand and Kate Nash.

Now Joe has written a track called Scene for Sophie Ellis Bextor's new album, and he told 6 Music how it all came about.

"I had this nice little room in east London and apparently her herself was interested in writing stuff with me."

"Y'know, you never really know what to make of it, you don't know if A+R are involved or whatever, but I think it came from her directly."

So after getting the personal call up, he says it all went smoothly.

"She came and put up with my grotty little room for a few days and we wrote some quite good songs."

"Hopefully that will go on the record and i'll have credits alongside the likes of Calvin Harris and the Freemasons, it's a big step."

Metronomy are curently on tour in Europe and return to the UK for a one off date at the Kentish Town Forum in London on the 18 September.

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Anonymous said...

Not too sure about Metronomy, but i want to listen to Sophie's new album. It has made me so curious. I only became a fan of her music after Trip The Light Fantastic. Recently i heard her older stuff. She is a brilliant singer. And she was in a band?? I heard some of those songs as well. Thanks to you. Good blog. Keep it going...



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