Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Take Me With You (new Sophie track)

LISTEN HERE: http://www.myspace.com/johnnydouglasmuzik

Johnny Douglas has produced a track for Sophie called "Take Me With You". The song was written by Douglas and Sophie about 4 years (which means it was written for Trip...) but was rejected by Fascination. Why!? Who knows!! They're deaf!! This is one hell of a song. YOU SHOULD LISTEN TO THIS SONG!!!

The song is well produced. Very 80's! Sexy!! Sophie sounds great! And i love the layering work.

I tried to decipher the lyrics, here goes nothing:

TAKE ME WITH YOU (Ellis-Bextor/Douglas)

(Verse 1)
This seems so far
Close as we are
There's too many between us
You blame the host
Raising a toast
If we leave will they notice?

(Verse 2)
With the next sunrise
We'll exchange goodbyes
I just want tonight to last forever
I want you alone
So send the others home
It's not fun if we can't be together

(Bridge 1)
If you run when i say run
We'll leave everyone none the wise
Outside all the stars shine bright
There's no prying eyes
The night's our disguise

The rest of the world falls away
Just you and me here now
(Take me with you)
I don't know what else i can say
Only "take me with you"
(Take me with you)

(Verse 3)
Thoughts keep me warm
While you are gone
Play it over and over
So kiss me again
And don't let it end
Leave a memory to hold on to

(Bridge 2)
I'll count every hour down
Until you are back by my side
And now where the stars shine bright
There's no prying eyes
The night's our disguise


Star said...

So, very good song. When I've heard this 1st time, I thought it was recorded for 4th album. But if you write that was for TTLF - it's right! :) I still wait for Sophia Loren & I Still Believe In Magic ;)

Anonymous said...

Brilliant song. Tell me why it was rejected again? Man this awesome.



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