Monday, June 29, 2009

In the media (for some really strange stuff)

Sophie Ellis Bextor regrets buying lots of the clothes in her wardrobe. The 'Murder on the Dancefloor' singer - who has two children Sonny, five, and four-month-old Kit with musician husband Richard Jones - cringes when she looks back at outfits she wore just weeks before. The 30-year-old star said: "I often look at things I wore a month ago and think, 'What was I thinking?' But you can't take it too seriously. Everything I wore when I was pregnant with Sonny was crazy. I had blonde hair, fluorescent red earmuffs, a purple tartan scarf and a baby blue coat. I just looked mad. I said to Richard, 'Why did you let me go out?' and he said, 'I thought it was funny!'"

Sophie is trying to stop buying clothes and accessories online because she is spending hundreds of pounds a month."Nowadays, I mainly buy online. I love Urban Outfitters and, but I think I need to start calming that down a bit. You go, ‘Wow, £400 for a dress!’ Then you get acclimatised and start thinking, ‘Hmm, £250, that’s not bad.’ But it’s still a lot of money."

Despite being in the public eye for nearly a decade, Sophie claims she’s only just started to develop her own personal style. She explained to Company magazine: "I’ve always loved fashion, but lately I’ve got more confident about pushing the boundaries and realised that style isn’t always about looking pretty, it can be edgy too. I wear vintage and high street. I still have things I bought 10 years ago."

Now that she is in her 30s, Ellis Bextor finds it much easier to look stylish and sophisticated. She explained to Company magazine: "I think 30 can be a really good time for women. You feel much more secure. It's more empowering, sexier. In your 30s, you're more of a woman than a girl, and people take you more seriously."


The singer recently admited that her school days weren’t really the most popular time of her life. It seems that during that time, Sophie Ellis Bextor actually had to deal with the existence of an “Anti Sophie Club”, as she relates: “Was I popular? No, complete opposite. There was an ‘Against Sophie’ club. It’s pretty cruel, but they were interested at first, ‘Oh your mum’s on TV,’ and then it was, ‘Hang on a minute, she’s the only one who’s got that so we can all gang up on her,’ and stuff like that. That was in my infant school so I think I was about five or six. I can’t say it was brilliant, but at the same time I probably was a bit of a show-off about it because I thought it was brilliantly glamorous.” Well, all kids are show-offs at some point or other of their lives… Sophie Ellis Bextor was no exception by the looks of it. Hopefully it hasn’t rubbed off on her adult life… too much.


Sophie Ellis-Bextor thinks her features "floated around" her face until she was 18. The 'Murder on the Dancefloor' singer felt "weird-looking" throughout her childhood and adolescence, and only started to feel comfortable in her own skin when she'd left school. The 30-year-old star explained: "I think when I was about 13 or 14, I felt like this face with all these features just floating around on it, unsure of where to stop. It just wasn't a happy time. I looked weird." Her looks weren't the only thing Sophie had trouble dealing with in her teenage years - she was also socially awkward. She said: "Being a teenager is really hard work. I did have friends, and luckily a lot of my girlfriends now are the same ones I've known since I was 11 and so we've remained pretty close. But teenage years are just awkward. I remember girls around me being slimmer, prettier, and going out with boys. I didn't really feel like I'd found my own space until I was 17 or 18." When it comes to her own children Sonny, five, and Kit, four months, with husband Richard Jones, Sophie just wants them to feel loved. She added to Heat radio: "I just want to give my children a happy childhood really. Their future is not about being my child, is it? It's about doing whatever they want to do."


SOPHIE Ellis Bextor spent ages getting ready - but she still forgot to wear a bra. There was some definite nipple action going on underneath this frilly see-through number. And she told us: "I took more than two hours to get ready and just when I thought I could slip out, I had to read a bedtime story to my little one." We hope she's talking about her son!


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