Thursday, June 10, 2010

Tweets and Bittersweet's radio play

Bittersweet may have underperformed in the UK, but the song is still getting some airplay internationally.

Radio Express has some sort of World Chart Show. Bittersweet is currently #29 there, spending 4 weeks on the charts.
2 weeks ago - #37
Last week - #35
This week - #29

Remember those Lebanese radio charts? Well, Bittersweet is #4 on NRJ Radio spending 6 weeks in the charts.
It has gone up by 5 spots.

Bittersweet is currently #18 on the Mix FM (Lebanese) charts. It has dropped by 6 spots. (check Top 20)

Hopefully the single gets some more airplay. If the song can manage to stick around, even if only on local radio stations, it's pretty good. The second single will be out soon.

The original plan was to have a single in July. Hopefully Sophie will stick to it.

Here's a little twitter conversaion between Sophie and the Nervo Twins
N: @SophieEB Hey babe! Is it true that NGUOL is going to be your second single?? (don't get a girl excited now!!) big kiss /L
S: @nervomusic tis true! Have you got a copy of the latest radio edit or extended mix? X
N: @SophieEB Armin sent me something a few weeks ago - sounding amazing!! Can you send me the latest copies you have plse!! Big kiss!! /L


el_tinto said...

is good to see that the single is being promoted in different countries :)
Here in Colombia it has been played a couple of time at least in 2 radio stations :)
I also bought the CD single XD

Kim said...

She should definitely concentrate on the countries where she is popular. Even if she has a fair top 20 in the UK, as long as she sells a lot in Russia, France and Australia, Fascination will keep her.

I'm happy about the Bittersweet promo.



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