Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Sophie @ NYC, Dave Cromwell's interview and more

Sophie was at NYC with the Freemasons where she performed three of her biggest hits for the gay audience. Surprisingly, they knew the songs. Sophie should definitely perform in the US again. Also, i love how she handles the stage so well. I love her movements.
Here are the videos.
Groovejet (If This Ain't Love)
Murder On The Dancefloor
Heartbreak Make Me A Dancer

Here's Dial My Number (click) live from Istanbul (better quality than the youtube video)

Dave Cromwell's exclusive interview with Sophie - Read here
(thank you Dave for doing this for all SEB fans)

And an interview at Club Arena, Vladivostok at One Year Party - http://www.twitvid.com/XWLBT


LEON said...

hey kau any possibility of ripping the audio from the istanbul 'dial my number' performance to mp3 and make it available for download ? I don't mind the quality

kaushik said...

Hey Leon, i've asked someone to do it for you. I'm out on a holiday so i don't have my computer and the required software here... sorry. but someone will post it here in the comments section soon

LEON said...

Hi Kau , me again hehehe ...
Any news from the person who was going to rip the audio from the istanbul "Dial my number" performance to mp3 yet ? I'm really looking forward to hearing a better quality of the song as I can't watch the video because I don't have internet on my pc at home.

kaushik said...

Hey Leon, sorry. He hasn't responded to me. I've kinda been busy too, so i haven't asked him again. I'll do it myself over the weekend. Sorry for the delay. Hope you liked the new song



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