Thursday, June 24, 2010

NGU is (also) a part of Armin's album Mirage

Not Giving Up is on Armin's album "Mirage". The whole confusion about Not Giving Up not being on Sophie's album makes sense now. No wonder she didn't talk about it in that interview with gay mag. Maybe this will end up becoming an Armin feat. Sophie track. I'm not happy with what's going on right now. They have potentially one of the best albums recorded by Sophie and they're just letting it all go down the drain!? What the hell is Fascination doing with Sophie's career!?!?!?

Mirage, which will be released mid-September, contains some special collaborations, just like the previous album. (...) This time he got some international artists to work with him: 'I worked with Sophie Ellis-Bextor and Adam Young

'Armin will tour the world with his new music later this year during the Armin Only 2010: Mirage tour. 'I will be on tour for almost year from this October. A couple of countries have been added to the list.' 'Mirage' will be released in about thirty countries, such as the US.'


Makke said...

I have to say I'm a bit confused, too.

BUT, remember that 'Heartbreak' is gonna be on the album, regardless of it being a Freemasons single.

So 'Not Giving Up' may as well be a part of the album, even if it would be released as "Armin feat. Sophie" -single, so no need to panic, yet.

However, more clarity about what's happening would be veeeery nice. And yeah the album cover is still unreleased or maybe not even made yet. :'D

Fran said...

I don't know what the hell is going on here!! :S

Eden said...

Even though I hate her label for not making wise choices, I am not pessimist this time!
She is shooting the video for NGU soon! which fits well with her plans of a 2nd single in July and an album in August or July! Whereas, I find it hard to think that the video is being done just cos the song will figure on his album!
I also think that we will have 2 versions: the one on Sophie's album (maybe NGU will be as a bonus track in some countries or Itunes exclusive or smthg like that) will have that pop feeling to it that Sophie mentioned before, whereas the version that will be on Armin's album will be more like a remix or an extended version, usually this is how house albums are, extended and very club oriented songs!
if this scenario turns out to be true, i guess it's a positive thing! we'll have 2 versions :)
but hey, it's just my opinion hehe

Fran said...

Sophie will be heading to Miami next week to meet Armin to film the videoclip!!

Wooo-hoooo!! :D

TheWV said...

Also She Did Confirmed on Twitter that the song was gonna be on the Album!

Miguel Angel said...

You are worrying too much, the song will be in both albums and it will be a Sophie single, it will just be featured to in Armin's album because it may be too good to left it out of it.



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