Friday, June 18, 2010

new tweets

Sorry for the lack of updates guys (actually nothing much has been happening). I'm holidaying at the moment and i have limited access to the internet here, but i still tried to keep track of what's going on in Sophie world.
There are two new tweets that will get everyone really excited!
(thanks to Makke for the heads up)
1. Off to NYC next weekend to sing at Gay Pride with the fabulous Freemasons.
2. @RenzoMV Video shoot not far away now... Not giving up soon to reach your ears. Whoop whoop!

*jumps around for a little while*


Fran said...

Wooo-hooooo!!!!! ^^ This is really exciting & amazing!! :D x

Jamie said...

Oooh. NYC? That is exciting!

Fran said...

EXCLUSIVE: That Roger Sanchez track Sophie was working on, will not ever be released, cos' Fascination/Polydor don't allow Roger to release the track on his new album!! ¬¬
Also, that track was written by the Nervo Girls.



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